By missalexa - 03/08/2010 18:13 - United States

Today, upon getting out of the shower, I discovered the towel I grabbed off the rack had dried poop on it. Apparently, during my sister's birthday party yesterday, we'd run out of toilet paper. FML
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joemk2012 0

Whoever did that is a real asswipe.

MarkerofMagic 0

that sucks. but you shouldve seen it before you used it.


MarkerofMagic 0

that sucks. but you shouldve seen it before you used it.

I concur number1 ;)

ltrtbt666 0


YDI for gettig out of te shower and discovering the towel you grabbed off the rack had dried poop on it. Because apparently at your sister's birthday party, you ran out of toilet paper.

TaylorTotsYumm 10

Just grab another towel and hop back in the shower!

bfrench95 0

well that's shit. See what I did there?

hawkmcge3 0

12. ur an idiot stup repeating the fmls

Now this is a situation where diapers are much better than "adult" underwear.

islandjew247 0

I'm sorry number 1, but you shouldn't have to check your towel before you use it it's in YOUR bathroom...that's just wrong. ♥

20 - What is that language you speak? I've never seen anything like it before.

22, #1 didn't say to check the towel. They said that they would have seen the poop stain before using the towel, implying the poop stain was in a visible place. I agree, you shouldn't have to check your towels. The sister should have at least put the towel in the laundry and not just left it there.

bfrench95 0

In Soviet Russia, towel poops on you.

MarkerofMagic 0

#22. it doesn't say anything about it being HER bathroom. it could be a shared bathroom.

JCo352 3

Well that's fucking gross.

#25 hmmm i feel as if hes speaking normal english and your a dumbass that apparently doesnt know proper english

Troll_Hater 0

12 you are a dick head

ohthebloodygore 16

35- I'm with 25 seeing as how many of you can't spell 'you're'.

it might make a good gel for your hair, or maybe even as a color

35 - You're just as bad as 20, I don't speak your language either.

spacerockerr37 0


Wot iz a "you're" izzat lyk prunownced u/Ray lyk uv Rey? you're-turn too hear cuz u got hoamsyk?

ohh OP. THAT IS WHY YOU CHECK THE TOWEL! how can you miss a Big brown spot? unless it was a dark towel.. >.>

along came polly

pingpongpenguin 3

ew. did you use it?

it's true, I've seen it

#60, I love love loooveesss your hair(: lol

pingpongpenguin 3

you're so sweet.

spaceboyftw 0

who ever used that towel is a mexican

yeah, ydi for not seeing that first.

LMFAOwned 9

I agree with 20 and 25... skroal sounds like a dumbass... He started this after legonut started his: "It's funny because..." You're not effing funny dude. Leave the funny to lego, you short-stack troll... P.S. I spelled everything correctly, can't pin me down, can you, noob?

BuckTeeth_12 0

go up to ur sister, say happy bday bitch and then shove the towel in her face. while u r still naked

LMFAOwned 9

Edit: I agree with 20 and 35**

HingaHinga 0

Yeah, seriously skroal. How *dare* you try to be funny? Especially after someone else was funny first! I swear, the indecency of some people...

LMFAOwned 9


KingDingALing 9

jesus christ, scroal, shut the the fuck up. You queer ass looking annoying prick. Its annoying when repeat the fml. Stop that annoying shit you asshole

krissy8877 2

yea and if ur gonna have a party you should make sure there is plenty of that stuff. being that it was on the rack you'd think it was clean. I would never even use a towl to whipe my ass. if I did ID throw it away

if you don't like him repeating the fml then don't read it. it's simple. so stfu and stop complaining.

quent10 0

that's trifling I would rub the towel on all their disgusting ass faces.... people these days at least keep the shains <---(shit-stains) in your own undies than do some disrespectful stuff like that

27, a poop stain is a huge difference than what OP said, dried poop. do we not realize someone wiped their ass with the towel? Anyway, OP you deserved it. You should always get a fresh towel before you get into the shower, who knows what people do to towels when they're alone in a bathroom. Spit, ejaculate, menstrual blood, poop and hand germs could all have gotten on you and your body because you didn't get a clean one out of the linen closet. Gross.

quent10 0

it's funny because I stole this from Legonut and skroal is not funny

LosAngelesSon 8

I agree! he's a douche!

Just about everyone - I can't seem to understand any of your awkward languages, I cannot respond correctly.

LightningLadyy 0

skroal is a troll. the end.

Why do you guys keep feeding him? Just ignore him if it bothers you, nobody is forcing you to read his comments.

LMFAOwned 9

Actually, we are kinda get forced to. We're trying to scroll down to see anyone's interesting or funny comment of the day and we inevitably spot his dumbass comment. I've tried to ignore it... Yeah, didn't work, did it? ehh stoopid dum pursuhn skroal, you undertand mehhh nao yuh lil shat? get def fook outta fml u wee bita troll shat...

I find Him really easy to ignore (but that's just me). Everytime I see his name I jus skip over it. I don't see how that is much of a challenge.

12 why don't you fuck off. If all you can do is repeat the original post than you have severe issues. Oops I am sorry. Just seeing your pic tells me that you have major issues.

yeah, 12 is a fucktard.

Try using a clean towel next time, not one off the rack. U R rather gross.

spacerockerr37 0

thanks 80! you've got some nifty hair yourself(:

DinoBonertaco 0

so, did you know that dinosaurs cant eat tacos with a boner? It has taken many hours of research but it just can not be done, I know everyone thinks they can, but people, just admit that dino's can't eat tacos w/ a boner... jeesh

I don't usually recommend this but skroal you should jump out of the window and crack your skull open on the sidewalk.


how many positions do u put ur dogs in??

#84 lmfao shut up! :P

#81** goddammiit I fail :

154 - What? Your internet accent confuses me, I don't know what you're saying.

MarkerofMagic 0

145 and 159 you both have great hair:P

v_garcia3 0

22: u would think they would look around after throwing out the trash n it still smells like sht


Wow. Well that was 3 minutes of my life that I'll never get back... ًج_ج

zuratai 0

is there cum on ur face?


@173, If you're talking to me... It's white eyeliner I used to accent the photo, you asswipe. Grow up.

94 can fuck right off thank you very much!

12 - you're not funny, fucktard. 18 - ic wot u did thar

ayeitsmerr 0

hahaha. win.:].

159. if I was a creepy kid on fml I'd say you were really hot


o wait I'm not supposed to actually write tht

how do you know some people are even commenting about you then? whhhey.

Brittney_E 0

lol @ # 18(:

Use her pillow case to wipe your ass next time you ruin out of toilet paper.

joemk2012 0

Whoever did that is a real asswipe.

MarkerofMagic 0

lol nice.

flapjacklux 8

haha #4 :DDD

Hawk2400 0

Nasty. Just nasty.

do people really use towels for that...? fyl.

raineydayes 0

What do you expect someone to do when they're out of toilet paper, they're at a birthday party, and they can't call for help???It's not the end of the world, although it is unfortunate. And thankfully, no, this hasn't happened to me.

PurplePigeon 0

I would not care if there was a party or not. I'd yell and holler for someone to bring me some tp. it's not like they were being considerate by keeping quiet and using whatever means they had at that given time. gross son of a bitch(using a towel to wipe their bum post poop).

JCo352 3

So it's okay pre-poop?

PurplePigeon 0

of course...pre poop is fine. I should have pointed that out. my bad.

MoJoThundRpants 0

ahh gross

ipodlover1995 0

Fail. Who needs toilet paper when you have socks! Lol

MarkerofMagic 0

that's just... I don't even know what to say to that.

austinkiser 3

you eat shit for breakfast? xD happy Gilmore lmao

KingDingALing 9

lol, you replied to the wrong comment.. :p FAIL!

YDI for having indoor plumbing. YDI for using a towel. YDI for having a sister. YDI for running out of TP. YDI for having a toilet. YDI for hosting a party. YDI for having nasty friends/guests.

chocolatedrop 0


I like the new pic though anteater was pretty epic

All of the above. Plus, I'm sure you take advantage of the situation by hosting a fetish party.

because when your at a birthday party u don't go walking around with a towel with your shit on it

1 word...eww. next time check before u get in the shower

You and #12 look like a match made in Hot Topic heaven.

psuboy 0

I concur. skroals a douche

psuboy 0

hey this isn't the one I commented on. oops

spanelli 16

24- What gives you the right to judge? You don't even have a picture.

Why can't he judge? All he said was they have similar styles and go to hot topic? Is it wrong to be judged for who you are? Stupid emos.

24 just won the frickin internet with his comment. all rights reserved.

spanelli 16

Emo is a genre of music. It's judgemental to say that just because someone dresses the way they do, they must shop at Hot Topic. People these days.