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  skroal  |  7

YDI for gettig out of te shower and discovering the towel you grabbed off the rack had dried poop on it. Because apparently at your sister's birthday party, you ran out of toilet paper.

  5t3ff1k4h  |  44

22, #1 didn't say to check the towel. They said that they would have seen the poop stain before using the towel, implying the poop stain was in a visible place.

I agree, you shouldn't have to check your towels. The sister should have at least put the towel in the laundry and not just left it there.

  LMFAOwned  |  9

I agree with 20 and 25...

skroal sounds like a dumbass... He started this after legonut started his: "It's funny because..."

You're not effing funny dude. Leave the funny to lego, you short-stack troll...

P.S. I spelled everything correctly, can't pin me down, can you, noob?

  krissy8877  |  2

yea and if ur gonna have a party you should make sure there is plenty of that stuff. being that it was on the rack you'd think it was clean. I would never even use a towl to whipe my ass. if I did ID throw it away

  quent10  |  0

that's trifling
I would rub the towel on all their disgusting ass faces.... people these days at least keep the shains <---(shit-stains) in your own undies than do some disrespectful stuff like that


27, a poop stain is a huge difference than what OP said, dried poop. do we not realize someone wiped their ass with the towel?

Anyway, OP you deserved it. You should always get a fresh towel before you get into the shower, who knows what people do to towels when they're alone in a bathroom. Spit, ejaculate, menstrual blood, poop and hand germs could all have gotten on you and your body because you didn't get a clean one out of the linen closet. Gross.

  LMFAOwned  |  9

Actually, we are kinda get forced to.

We're trying to scroll down to see anyone's interesting or funny comment of the day and we inevitably spot his dumbass comment.

I've tried to ignore it... Yeah, didn't work, did it?

ehh stoopid dum pursuhn skroal, you undertand mehhh nao yuh lil shat? get def fook outta fml u wee bita troll shat...

  jplumbob  |  4

12 why don't you fuck off. If all you can do is repeat the original post than you have severe issues. Oops I am sorry. Just seeing your pic tells me that you have major issues.

  DinoBonertaco  |  0

so, did you know that dinosaurs cant eat tacos with a boner? It has taken many hours of research but it just can not be done, I know everyone thinks they can, but people, just admit that dino's can't eat tacos w/ a boner... jeesh

  raineydayes  |  0

What do you expect someone to do when they're out of toilet paper, they're at a birthday party, and they can't call for help???It's not the end of the world, although it is unfortunate. And thankfully, no, this hasn't happened to me.

  PurplePigeon  |  0

I would not care if there was a party or not. I'd yell and holler for someone to bring me some tp.

it's not like they were being considerate by keeping quiet and using whatever means they had at that given time.

gross son of a bitch(using a towel to wipe their bum post poop).

By  Trollz4daLULZ  |  1

YDI for having indoor plumbing.

YDI for using a towel.

YDI for having a sister.

YDI for running out of TP.

YDI for having a toilet.

YDI for hosting a party.

YDI for having nasty friends/guests.

  spanelli  |  16

Emo is a genre of music. It's judgemental to say that just because someone dresses the way they do, they must shop at Hot Topic. People these days.