By zenithbelana - / Sunday 10 January 2010 07:01 / United States
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  Kazze  |  31

#8: Are you seriously complaining about OP's sentence structure? YOU'RE the one that didn't use any puntuation, capitalization, or apostrophes.

  lifeinhd  |  3

Actually, my father once worked with a man whose Mitsubishi was parked and one day decided to randomly catch fire. That being said, I wouldn't put it past a Pontiac to do the same.

  Americunt  |  0

More like No. 5
Anyways, I live in Maryland, and the police is pretty okay, but the city people are shitty.

Come to Maryland! We long for attractive people.

  vexis58  |  1

What do you mean? The OP didn't do anything to anyone else's car. It DID happen to her. I'm confused. Are you directing that statement to the burglars?

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