By gummy bear - 21/01/2011 11:41

Today, trying to be an old-school romantic, I asked my girlfriend "where art thou my love?" via SMS. She replied "Toilet." FML
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Oh no, you've found out the truth-- that girls POO and PEE. How will you LIVE?!

she art shitting !


fake and gay.. girls dont poop

andddddd? you asked her where she was she told you.

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Agree with #56. She was just being honest, and you should appreciate that!

whoisthisgirl 4

honesty is key :)

she art shitting !

lol win roflol literally

nixter5 18

hahahaha that's so true, good one!!!

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good one lmao

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"My love, my bowels art making movements into the john down the hall. I beg of you not to visit as there is a great stench weeping from the movements. I shall need Febreeze to slay this mighty beast! We shall be together soon, I promise!"

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Well you asked lol

Yeah I don't see the problem here.

Oh no, you've found out the truth-- that girls POO and PEE. How will you LIVE?!

gtfo troll girls dont poo or pee

I've been called a troll for the first time ever! *Tear* I'm so happyyyy!

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Are you perhaps buddies with the Fremont Troll?

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its funny considering that you just posted a video about trolls! lol

#55 If I lived in Seattle, I would be! #59 Hah! I know, right?

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Oh, I used to buddies with him. :P Then, he ate my VW Bug.

wanna make out?

lies! dirty lies!

#5 you remind me of my friend. she's really really pretty :)

fthku 13

Oh wow, fuck your life. Really, I'm surprised you can go on. Way to go, buddy! Your momma should proud.

Priceless. What a woman

haha she's a flower!

It's the tought that counts. To bad it was at the wrong time : (

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that not true!!!!!!!!

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Actually, we're better at itthan most men. Not all of us, but some. Might want to think before opening your big mouth

Nice to know you can speak for an entire gender. Omniscience must be really hard to live with though right? Do you have a source to back your claim, or do you prefer using vague words like 'most' and 'some'? How many is most, 51%? Or a great majority like 75%?

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WTF #10, I think it's the other way around.

no it depends on the person 88- he didn't open his mouth. he typed something.

Oh yeah! She's full of class!

upperclass -_-