By Justinthebox - 02/04/2018 19:00

Today, my 5-year-old son made a drawing of our living room, with the addition of an apparition and the text, "I can see you. Daddy doesn't see you. Who are you?" FML
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Did it look like Bruce Willis?

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Children are more sensitive to spirits than we are.

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Imaginary Friend Tell him to step up his riddle game.

Kid has the makings of a future horror director.

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Was the drawing made in crayon in the living room wall?

Over the years both of my parents have told me stories of when I was 4 or 5 and I separately came to them about seeing a grey girl in my room. My dad had questioned me, thinking maybe I had seen my reflection, asking if she looked like me, to which I replied no. My mother, who is super religious freaked out when I said "the grey girl in my room told me to come here but I said no" and she was like "Thats GREAT honey DONT go to her ever". I'm 24 now and have never had a similar experience, and don't remember those.