By Rojo - 14/08/2018 03:30

Today, I was notified that my work is cutting my pay almost in half. I just renewed my long-term lease on an expensive apartment because I was able to afford it before this morning. Now I have no idea how I’m going to pay for it. FML
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TomeDr 24

Most legal contracts give you three days to back out of it.

Why would you accept a pay cut?


thatslifeiguess7 16

Do you have the raise in writing? if not better get a roommate

TomeDr 24

Most legal contracts give you three days to back out of it.

Check your contract or speak to your agency/ landlord to see if you have a break clause. You may be able to get out of the lease without penalty if you give them sufficient notice.

Tell your landlord your situation and tell him you’ll only pay half your rent. He’ll probably understand and be cool with that.

Mathalamus 24

I seriously doubt that. More than likely, theOP will be give notice to leave for a more affordable place.

In your dreams

Why would you accept a pay cut?

ViviMage 38

It could be a pay cut or severance/lay off.

boopingsnoot 24

Some situations are pretty much “put up with your job’s BS or try to survive on your savings.” I live in a Right To Work state, meaning my employers could fire me and replace me with no warning or justification, or severance.

WeirdUS 29

Most states in the US right to work. They can change the pay with no notice and you can be fired for no reason. They don’t have to sign off on a pay cut

I can't see where you are located but have you checked to see if cutting your pay is legal? If not, then give sufficient notice and you should be able to break the contract

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AzrielB 8

if you get a 50% pay cut and don't immediately quit, it means they were overpaying you.