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Today, to save money, I wanted to fix my own leaky roof instead of hiring someone. When I got on the roof, the ladder fell. As it was falling, it broke three windows and snagged the siding of my house ripping over half of it off. FML
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That's why there are professionals.

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They have people to take care of that, instead of being cheap and doing an ok job, you shoulda got it done right.


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That's why there are professionals.

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economy budgets now adays have us doing really stupid things

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thats why there are mexicans...

OP, you must certainly have a talent for breaking things. I don't understand how you could have done all that damage... if you were getting up on the roof then the ladder would have had to fall either sideways or backwards, eh? Congrats on your splendid destructive capabilities.

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it looks like the bank wasn't the only thing you broke

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35 You seem to have emotional problems. You're overreacting to someone on an Internet site who made a mistake.

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wait so he deserves it because there are professionals for properly climbing ladders? it was an accident, how does he deserve that? idiots.

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I don't know, but everyone a troll

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omg fail, it's okay op I'm a klutz too (:

that sucks op.. but props to you.. when you do that much damage falling off a ladder it's no longer a fail.. what you did takes talent

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Just because he tried to fix it himself doesn't mean he is a cheapskate.

45, I think he deserves it because if you're going to be on a roof, it's common sense to have someone hold the ladder. Would have sucked for him if he was the one that fell off. eh?

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I agree with 45-- you peeps are mean :P OP I'm really sorry. now you need to pay for the roof, windows, AND siding. I hope you didn't get hurt in this misfortune. then you'd even have to pay for your medical insurance. wow

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All i have to say is...HAHA!

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They have people to take care of that, instead of being cheap and doing an ok job, you shoulda got it done right.

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He migh not be able to afford it, that doesn't make him cheap

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he didn't say he didn't know what he was doing either, not everybody's too damn lazy to do things themselves, some people take pride in doing home repairs on their own still. not all of us are rich and too good to get our hands dirty with a little real work once in a while.

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again I moderated this and that sucks you shoudve just called them to fix it being cheap always ends up bad

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at 5 stop trynna be a moderator

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@7 I'm not tryin to be a moderator I just moderated for a minute cause I was waiting for my iTunes to load. :p

nobody gives a shit, these stories get moderated by hundreds of people a minute.

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trying to tryin' to tryin' ta tryin' a trynna