By geoduck - United States
Today, to prevent a fistfight at work, I had to mediate a contested debate between two coworkers on what was evidently a very touchy subject: Which is better, the orange creamsicle or the ice cream sandwich? I was the only one to get in trouble for wasting company time. FML
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  dre_bro11  |  12

And because the wording of the FML makes it quite funny. It all depends on who's writing it, cause someone like you probably would have fucked it up in how it was written.

  dre_bro11  |  12

#25, if you're going to think like that, than probably 90% of these FMLs would be classified as 'fake'. You just have to deal with the fact that the FML made it through and stop fucking complaining.

By  McMan  |  23

Why were you even arguing about this!?
Obviously ice cream sandwichs are better... It would be funny to see a flame war start in the comments about this. :P

  McMan  |  23

Oh joy you're back for another round, can I block him somehow or do I have to pray to the mod Gods to ban him, I'll grovel if I have to. Fine, *AHEM* PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.

By  Jimboom  |  11

YDI for trying to keep the peace. Don't you know the peacekeepers are always the ones to get screwed over!
Next time just let them have it out, then record it on your phone and upload it to Yootoob for our entertainment value. ;-)

  nachobiznez  |  0

ahh that's more like it. now I can comment. I think one of those dayum moderators screwed my account. @ topic u so deserved this. why do u care enough to get involved??

By  usarmywife  |  19

this is why, when I'm at work, if irritant involve me, I stay out if it. if two idiots want to fight about ice cream, let them. you don't get in trouble, they do. and on a side note, who gets in a fistfight over what flavor tastes better?