By MicachuPikachu - 28/11/2013 06:39 - United States - Independence

Today, to make it seem like the customers actually liked me, I told my coworkers I got tipped $12. Sadly, that "$12 tip" came from my own pocket. FML
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or you could be nice to the customers and maybe they'd actually like and tip you?

jonahwalzer 12

At least they don't know that.


jonahwalzer 12

At least they don't know that.

If she's usually awful they might be a tad suspicious...

TRaww21 14

Unless they also read FMLs.

or you could be nice to the customers and maybe they'd actually like and tip you?

^Coming back to FML after a few months, good to see you still haven't changed your DP, #2! :)

Coming from someone who works at a restaurant People can be pricks but that doesn't explain why op isn't getting any tips at all.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Coming from someone who eats at restaurants, we certainly can be dicks. I was always taught to tip a good waiter/waitress well. If only my friends were taught the same. Granted, they grew up a bit but I remember back when we all were broke and they didn't see the point in tipping. It's not always the waiters/waitress's fault.

Same #31 my friends always tease me when I leave a good tip and they leave nothing. kinda sad really

Tips are earned, you aren't entitled to them. If you're a terrible server you don't deserve a tip.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

As someone else stated before, as long as they do their job, they deserve what I believe is owed to them. I've had my fair share of shitty servers and I do agree they shouldn't get tipped. Tips are more or less a thank you for doing your job, better job you do, the bigger the tip. But some people, no matter how great of a server they have, they still won't dish out the cash. This conversation reminds me of the beginning of Reservoir Dogs though, haha.

hope you don't have to share

why would OP have to share his tip?

jojimugo 20

Because some restaurants the servers have to share their tips with the cooks and other people who are not on the frontline

I worked at a full serve station for over a year, tips are hard to come by :P I know your pain.

I'm sure the customers don't care if other customers like you.

I'm sure you read it wrong. I'm sure it says "coworkers". I'm also sure that if a customer knew a server was good, they would be more inclined to think she's good too.

Shoot, I did read it wrong. That's the last time ill comment half asleep.

That would suck if you had to split it.

Exactly what I was thinking.

Wizardo 33

Service with a smile and a bright hello and a good morning or afternoon will do the trick. If you're a shy or quiet server then that's probably why, don't be afraid to show kindness.

addioty 19

OP may be like that but a lot of people don't tip at buffet / self serve restaurants so in that case tips are rare.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

I've never actually been a waiter but I have been a cook for a small family run diner. Those are the best places to be a server. The regulars may not tip extremely well, but you're almost guaranteed some cash. One day I was given 20 bucks by some guy who'd come in all the time. He said my home fries were the best he's ever had. That definitely made my week.

cheshirecat13242 32

That sucks, but would suck more if you had to split it up with the rest of your co-workers.. That may help folks like you though, so it could be to your benefit!

If you aren't getting any tips, I'm gonna guess you aren't deserving them. Don't know enough to say YDI, but try having friendly interactions with customers instead of bare bones minimum talking.

This kind of shit only works for so long OP, people are gonna find out sooner or later and think you're full of shit and then you'll lose credibility woth your co-workers. Why don't you put in extra effort to have your customers be satisfied with your service? It's a win-win situation.