By Anonymous - 09/02/2011 10:02 - Australia

Today, to give the illusion that I have friends, I wrote an outrageous status on Facebook, and then pretended it was the result of a friend hacking my page, all in the hope that it would get comments, likes or at least some attention. Nothing happened. FML
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Op, you're pathetic. At least I don't hide the fact that I've got no friends in real life(: if you want friends, go get some! People truly aren't intimidating as they may seem; I've never met anyone I didn't like!(:

if Op doesn't have any friends to begin with then who does she expect to comment on her status?

Okay. I understand the reason behind this, but seriously. When I log on to Facebook, and see dumbass status' where people have been hacked, it's funny sometimes, but most of the time it's either annoying (if the hacker keeps updating the status every 2 mins) or I just scroll past them not paying much attention. So yeah, kind of a fail either way.

WOW OP you should have made a seprate acount and liked and commented on it while you were at it.

your a anti social gay fat nerdy ugly loser whos desperate for attention and think a status on facebook will get you friends. LOSER

70 - Remember, fb friends aren't really friends. They're just strangers that get an exclusive view into your private life.

@26 I_iz_B_a_troll: you've never met anyone you didn't like? grow older. good luck ^^

well if you have no friends then who is goin to see it

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Congrats. I now like you less than I did 2 mins ago.

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It took you 2 minutes to read this?

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dam OP. Justin bieber just commented on your FML, do you feel better now?

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holy shit you just blew my mind. THAT IS A GIRL... no wait it's just Justin bieber

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132- that joke became not funny around the 500th time i heard it

dude...seriously...step away from your computer, leave the house and get some real friends

Quite the contrary. These days people actually make 'real' friends through the internet.

world of Warcraft doesn't count as having a life

True that! Not that it answered his statement in anyway but hey, who cares right?!

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u can make friends online but it's not half as fulfilling as bein with your friends in real life

oh yeah what's he gonna do? go outside and walk up to random people asking them to be his friend?

7, he's talking about facebook not World of Warcraft. L2read

just delete your account. Facebook has become lame anyway. it's now a site for people to make others feel bad by posting a billion posts on others' walls and to make those who don't get that feel bad. just delete it. you won't miss it.

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Facebook isn't lame. Only people like OP who make it lame.

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Why 9? Are you one of those people that feel bad when nobody posts on your wall?

9 ur just as pathetic as op is the cat in ur pic ur only friend that doesn't make u feel bad cause u lack a social life?

You can't read the privacy policy of pocodot without being signed up and signed in....

I've never had a facebook but I been told people spend at least 1 hr a day on it. I rather workout.

56 - Maybe the commenter is lame, but you're a blathering idiot. Plus, you're a PoliSci student. Enough said. 85 - I concur.

I agree. I deleted mine 3mths ago. Haven't looked back.

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I like it cause I can talk to my girlfriend that I wubb

How you gonna get comments and likes with no friends??

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Um, wow. they have friends on Facebook, not in real life. They add someone, they accept, Voilaaa, she has 'friends' . never use Facebook before? WOW.

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But who really likes or comments on stranger's posts, even if you are Facebook friends. Most likely, they are your "friend" so they can stalk you online, but no one would care to interact with you unless you are friends in real life. I'm surprised OP didn't just create another account to comment and have a long conversation with herself. Although, even though it was a pathetic thing to do, I feel really sad for OP. Some people just don't know how to make friends, myself included. But for me it's because of my social anxiety. So I am not going to judge OP, but rather just wish her the best. Put yourself out there OP, and you will meet people :)