By tessykins - 22/10/2009 07:41 - United States

Today, this guy who likes me accused me of cutting myself. I asked him what he was talking about, and he said, "Don't lie, I saw those scars on your thighs when we went swimming." I have stretch marks on my inner thighs, and now I have to explain them to him so he doesn't think I cut myself. FML
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Cutting yourself on your inner thigh seems inordinately risky...something you'd think at least twice about before assuming. He sounds like a douchebag anyway.

One of my boyfriends was horrified when he saw my stretch marks, which really are not that bad compared to other girls. I explained to him what they were, and he felt so bad because he assumed that it must have hurt to leave such a scar. Boys can be very silly.


wow how embarassing

Tell him to STFU and mind his own virgin-business!

that made me LOL!

LOL. And if the OP explains it she's an idiot

Cutting yourself on your inner thigh seems inordinately risky...something you'd think at least twice about before assuming. He sounds like a douchebag anyway.

It's common for habitual cutters to go for places not readily visible, to keep people from giving them grief about their illness. Thighs are actually one of the more popular spots. That being said, he's a bit tactless, even if you actually did have scars.

It's extremely tactless. What kind of human being accuses another of an illness? That's like blaming you for having cancer. Cutting isn't just something trendy goth kids do for attention, it's a real mental illness. That guy's a prick, I'd "cut" him out my life for good if I were you. Who knows, maybe he'll think you're getting fat if you get pregnant. The man's ignorance is remarkable.

#8 you're fucking stupid. Blaming someone for cutting themselves is the same thing as blaming someone for having cancer? I guess you don't blame rapists or serial murderers either. Because, y'know, humans have absolutely no control over their actions. Don't spew out all this bullshit, "mental illnesses" like this are just excuses for people to get attention. Before you say anything, I used to do self harm but I realized it was fucking retarded and stopped. Because I'm a human, and I have a mind with which I can make decisions.

Agreed on the extraordinarily risky- I slipped off my bike and the gears left four long slashes down my thigh that makes it look like one of two things: 1. I was mauled by a wild animal or 2. I cut myself on purpose. It was neither, but I still have the scars. >.> And the thing is, once it was cut, it didn't stop bleeding for awhile. I was lucky I didn't severe a ligament. I had to bike home dripping blood down my leg. 0.o

cutting isnt a mental illness, its more of an addiction. ive never cut but i guess each to their own. mental illnesses however are all too real. its caused by the brain not being able to fuction like it should, triggered by stress or trauma or whatever.

# 28 i agree with you entirely, im a former cutter and it was fucking retarded, its not a fucking disease or mental illness or any of them its simply a physical addiction to self harm, its no more a mental illness than an addiction to smoking

#28 and #61 -- YOUR personal experience can NOT be applied to everyone. Cutting and other forms of self injury release endorphins. Endorphins make you feel good and calm you down. Feeling good is something people like. It's addictive. There is actual medicine behind such things, and as somebody who /has/ dealt with self-injury for an extended period of time due to intense depression (bi-polar disorder, anyone?) and anxiety disorders, I know for a fact that you /can/ have an addiction to self-injury because your mind craves the release you get because it decreases the depression/anxiety/etc.

Regardless, it isn't a mental condition. It's an addiction, or a way to get attention. And if you seriously can't stop cutting yourself even if you know it's wrong, you have a terribly weak mind.

It's caused by a mental condition. It's an addiction, I grant you that much, but it's got not very much to do with having a weak mind.

Oh, fudrick, honey, calm down. Not everyone has your mentality, and bravo for you to stop cutting yourself but as mentioned before, you cannot apply what you personally believe in to everyone else and be correct.

I don't think it deserves "bravo." It was stupid to do, and I realized that and simply stopped. I don't see how other people can't do that, I mean there's nothing physically making them cut. It's just a matter of making the decision.

#33 & #66 addiction to something sort of is a mental illness.

cutting is no more a mental illness than driving recklessly is. It's not like you're sitting there screaming "HELP! OH GOD HELP! I CAN'T STOP IT! OH MY GOD SOMEBODY HELP ME PLEASE!" as your hand picks up the razor and cuts your wrist. And no, while one exerience can't be used to support 100% of people who cut themselves, there are 0 stories out there of people who've had real mental disorders like Bi-polar disorder, or schizophrenia and just got over it in a week on their own.

reyo, that's not true. i've experienced cutting MYSELF, and it was caused by an anxiety disorder i have. yes, in my head while i was cutting i was screaming at myself to stop, but it was like i couldn't. i was possessed, and no matter what i did, some part of my brain took over and forced me to do it. if the cutting is caused by a mental condition, then no you cannot get rid of it in a week. it'll take as long to get rid of the cutting as it does to get rid of the mental disorder, because that is the cause for it... an unstable brain.

Addiction is often a "mental disorder". If somebody is addicted to taking substances, illicit or otherwise, this is known as a substance abuse disorder. Many harmful addictions can be attributed to mental illness.

The mental illness part is not the self harm it's the depression anxiety or any other illness you have, which are very real, the self harming is the action, that becomes an addiction, and is not done for attention, does it really make sense for people to cut themselves for years trying to hide it if they were trying to get attention?

Fudrick i'd rather you not classify yourself as a former self harmer, because if you actually were you would understand it a lot more, my sister scratched herself a couple times, doesn't make her a self harmer, and everyone talking about "picking up a razor and cutting their wrists" are very stupid because most people don't cut their wrists, some people are soooo ignorant about this subject.

I don't care what you would rather I "classify" myself as. I used to do it, and I didn't do it on my wrists either I did it on my legs, and I didn't cut always; I used needles too. And I do understand it, more than you or any of the other idiots saying you can't help it. You just don't want me to say that I am a former self harmer because you can't believe that people who self harm or have self harmed actually see the truth that it is not a mental illness and it is just a phase that a lot of people go through. I only said wrists because that is actually the common place to do it, and most of the people who do it there are the ones doing it for attention. I understand not all people do it for attention, some do it to release stress, etc. I did it because it released stress and I liked blood. All I'm saying is it isn't a mental illness. I'm not even judging people for doing it, only for thinking they have no control over it.

Pfft obviously she tried to have sex with a porcupine.

I have those too and when my boyfriend saw them he kept asking me how I got those scars and it must have been a crazy accident or was embarressing to tell him what they actually were

I don't know about other guys, but I don't think stretch marks are really that big of a deal (and I also don't understand how other guys can't know what they are). In fact, I actually find stretch marks kind sexy, in a weird way, because I prefer a woman who has a few imperfections.

Yeah perfect girls are vain. If she's got a few body troubles it's ten to one shell be self conscious and need someone who loves her despite them.

ouch, that's just double suck


it's kind of sweet that he cares.

One of my boyfriends was horrified when he saw my stretch marks, which really are not that bad compared to other girls. I explained to him what they were, and he felt so bad because he assumed that it must have hurt to leave such a scar. Boys can be very silly.

Explain nothing. You have no obligation to educate him.

Any person that would attempt to cut the inside of their leg is dumb there are so many veins and arteries that you could very well bleed to death if the cut was deep enough and not attended to immediately. you can tell the next person that.

Actually, no, it's not "obvious" that self-injurers don't have a will to live. They cut to relieve stress. And although some of them are suicidal, most of them are just doing it to feel better. Most deaths involving self injurers are accidents from when they cut.

They probably don't care if they die or not.