By pmek - 26/03/2012 09:11 - Australia - Collingwood

Today, things started to heat up in the bedroom. Not in a sexual way, though; the lamp caught fire. FML
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Lamps can be very sexual. Fetishes fetishes fetishes...


You're on fire! (lame pun) *looks down* aww shit..

Some may say that puns are the highest form of wit. They are witless.

1- oh god you're profile picture >_

poop in your pants?

Aussie Aussie Aussie!!!! Oi oi oi!!'

Lmao. Well, at least it was getting hot in there. Sorry OP

Lamps can be very sexual. Fetishes fetishes fetishes...

Fire as well, evidently. The saying about fetishes is that "they exist for everything under the sun...including the sun".

Oh...oh the Sun! Yes! Yes! It's so hot! *moans and screams from pleasure and burns* Also, 3, your picture fits this FML perfectly.

Sounds like potential for a great story in the future.

Or a

lamp must be jealous of your girlfriend.

I think the lamps jealous over his right hand

Hey, firelight is a great mood setter, just make sure you escape first...

It's gettin hot in here... So take off all yo clothes!! XD But seriously- I'm glad you're ok :)

Wow. Did you pull it out in time?

How do you light a lamp on fire?

With gas and a match? That's one they could have done it!

We're not that fucking primitive in Australia.

"oh baby... your lamp is on fire!" "Uh, thanks darling .." "No! Literally! "