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Today, things heated up with the new guy I've been seeing for a couple of weeks, he kept saying things like "I want you so bad" and "it's going to take hours" to the point that I was so hot, I decided to go for it. Apparently he has "a problem sometimes" getting it up. FML
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well he did say "it's going to take hours" ;)

wow suckedge. He worked himself up so much that when it was time, the pressure was on to satisfy you greatly. Give him a chance, men get nervous too.


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heehee shamone'

He has a health what? let him deal with it.

Not a health issue, he doesn't think she is ugly, he was nervous. That's all it is. You should be supportive and understanding (or at least pretend to be) instead putting even more pressure on him by making a big deal out of it. I know it sucks, but you're only making it worse. I've had this a few times as well in the beginning, but she was very understanding, and now the pressure is off and it's all good. So give it some time.

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I garentee he saw ur body and thought WTF am I doing I better keep this Down

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I get emails daily on medicine how to fix that problem.

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he just needs some Viagra it'll be up and running in no time ;)

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she doesn't need your shit!

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instead of "that sucks" maybe u shoulda said to him, "that needs to b sucked"

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did u try ur mouth

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#56 I agree with u. biych needs to do her job and quit bitching

It could depend on his lifestyle too, men who don't get active and have much cardiovascular activity may experience a hard time getting it up. The foods you eat, thought process, expectations, a lot of things can affect it so look at yourself as a last resort. Like 63 said, if you weren't attractive, he wouldn't be in that situation with you.

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sorry girl maybe u should move on before u waste anymore of your time cuz it's important to be with a guy that satisfy u sexually

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If it becomes an ongoing problem yeah by all means leave him. But after one time? The fuck? You can't open ya mind to the idea that maybe he really does "SOMETIMES" have a problem

It's also important that you understand sometimes a guy will have erectile dysfunction...

this is why these kinds of girls end up divorced and shopping at Walmart for eternity. When he finally realises how their personality is not present

well he did say "it's going to take hours" ;)

lol just do cuddle for a while before he gets it up;)

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So what?

wow suckedge. He worked himself up so much that when it was time, the pressure was on to satisfy you greatly. Give him a chance, men get nervous too.

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agreed. this happened to me once because I was so damn nervous!

well he said it was gonna take hours... to get it up! let him finish the sentence!

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That's what foreplay is for.

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and that's why they've made drugs fir that problem

damn that sucks lol maybe he really is gay

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Viagra is a last resort. checking current meds and for any health problems is first followed by sexual therapy.