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This. "Aww man...they're working with feces next door, what should I do...I KNOW! I'LL COMPLAIN TO THE INTERNET INSTEAD OF GOING SOMEWHERE ELSE!"


I bet you have no idea what its like being pregnant. The strain on their backs (for some women) are so bad they can hardly move. Oh, right, sorry, let me guess. You know exactly what its like to be pregnant cause you're a troll and trolls know everything?


She's three months pregnant. Bet you can barely tell she's even knocked up. She's fine. She isn't hurting at all yet. I have two kids. All born and conceived within wedlock.

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It's a septic system. The poop isn't fresh. It has been rotting for weeks, even months. Are you going to be eating that? No? Thanks, don't mind if I do.

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