By bluecollar - United States
Today, there was a luncheon at work in another dept. We all went to get some free food and see new faces. There was a hot girl walking around chatting. I grabbed my buddy's arm and told him there was a "nice pair of tits here" He saw her. It's his daughter. She's a new-hire... running HR. FML
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By  Dr_Phil  |  0

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  sulitak  |  27

then your friends are disrespectful boys.
most of my friends are men and won't say that shit around me. they will point out hot girls, but they have some tact about it.

By  Jshizzle  |  0

You deserve anything you get, shithead. I understand that tits are great (they are! Mine rule!), but what a bummer to be reminded that they are all men seem to care about. Get your head out of your ass and maybe a woman will actually let you see hers someday. fool.