By Soaked - / Friday 31 July 2009 17:21 / United States
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  lubby_fml  |  0

I was rained on aswell. It was like a monsoon where live.

BUT, on the bright side, I guess you can finally get that raise.(P.S. I was just assuming you would want one xD) amirite?!

  scvcwcheer  |  0

lubby, you obviously don't know what a monsoon is. it has nothing to do with rain. it's the seasonal shifting of winds in the India area. so try a different word. k?

  0___0  |  9

I could've been first earlier, too. But I didn't have anything to say on a comment and didn't just wanna say "first1!!1!" so I didn't comment.

  mahimalil  |  0

I was first on a comment before I was so caught up in gettin the first comment cause first gets the most replies so I just skimmed the FML and I wrote " U suck "
the FML was about someone getting there dad one of those big erasers saying "For life's mistakes" and the dad tried to erase the OP he said it didn't work gave it back to OP and left
I only got 8 replys so I got mad >:I

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