By Soaked - 31/07/2009 17:21 - United States

Today, there was a 10-minute cloudburst. It started 30 seconds after I parked my car and ended 30 seconds after I arrived at the office. Now the sun is shining, the sky is blue, and I look like I took a shower fully clothed. Oh, and I'm wearing thin white pants. FML
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Wah, I was rained on! WAAAH!

wtf you had to walk 10 minutes to your office??? where the hell did you park??


Wah, I was rained on! WAAAH!

I agree. Besides, you should have kept an umbrella in your car like the smart kids :]

Do people normally keep an umbrella in their car?

Why were you wearing thin white pants to work anyways? Not exactly office wear. . .

genius_man16 , YES

The material that dress pants are made out of is thin. White dress pants are pretty common.

Thats what happens when you are a faggot who wears thin white pants!

I was rained on aswell. It was like a monsoon where live. BUT, on the bright side, I guess you can finally get that raise.(P.S. I was just assuming you would want one xD) amirite?!

How about you take off the thin white pants, and I bend you over and fuck you in the ass, bitch?

Ya its definately a chick

LOL! This is win.

don't wear white pants unless you wanna get boned in the ass.

im gonna fuck u in the ass hard bitchass

It takes you ten minutes to walk from your parking spot to your building? YDI.

Yeah, I was poured on while swimming today, and you don't see me posting an FML

@alex_vik - I'm guessing you got wet? (;

it's not that she got wet that it's a fml, it's cuz of the improbable timing.

beglad you are not a dude and there is a female jogger in the distance. 

so she can show her vagina 30

lubby, you obviously don't know what a monsoon is. it has nothing to do with rain. it's the seasonal shifting of winds in the India area. so try a different word. k?

120- i dont know weather to hug you because you have an ion in your pic, or slap you because you put CO2 in it

Well maybe she had to and they had a dress code.

darn :( I could've been first but my browser took too long to load :(

um.... you're second

me too! and i tried five times and it kept telling me I was "too quick to comment" stupid internet

That's the point...

I am not first on a forum on the internet. This was my life goal. Now no one will love me. FML.

I could've been first earlier, too. But I didn't have anything to say on a comment and didn't just wanna say "first1!!1!" so I didn't comment.

I hate the way the OP wrote this out.

I was first on a comment before I was so caught up in gettin the first comment cause first gets the most replies so I just skimmed the FML and I wrote " U suck " the FML was about someone getting there dad one of those big erasers saying "For life's mistakes" and the dad tried to erase the OP he said it didn't work gave it back to OP and left I only got 8 replys so I got mad >:I

Umm your an idiot. I think she knows that

Are you a guy or a girl? :0

can you read??

woops. My bad. :)

Kewlcat you're a bitch. You're not cool and you're not a cat. Cats can't type, bitch.

there aren't subways in texas

wow. did you really need to say she wasn't a cat? 0_o

Oh no, rain! It's a shame you're not waterproof.

Ever heard of an umbrella?

do you even know what cloud burst is?! in the middle of summer i dont carry around an umbrella. just sayin'

try waiting 30 seconds

ouch! that sucks! bad day for white pants :(

you deserved it cuz ur on fml when ur supposed to be working :)

Yes! There is a god!

It's almost like God was playing a practical joke on you! Great sense of humor... Those hand dryers in the bathrooms would've been good around then...