By Anonymous - 29/09/2010 01:36 - United States

Today, the woman who sits behind me in class showed up. She shrieks in laughter until she has coughing fits every time anything even remotely sexual is mentioned, including evidence in sexual assault cases. Lectures are 3 hours long, twice a week, and I need this class to graduate. FML
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Every couple of minutes whisper "PENIS" until she gets kicked out.

SirWhatsHisFace 0

Im gonna go out on a limb here and sugest that she might be on meth.


tell her what an annoying bitch she is

Marvin_Android 0

Sounds dreadful. Point out to her the utter futility of finding amusement in anything. Make her realise just how pointless existence really is. I'd offer to talk to her, but I wouldn't enjoy it. Not that I enjoy anything, mind you. Life. Don't talk to me about life.

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3- you should thiz , I'll pay !

Dont_Explain 3

Every time she laughs, from now on, you turn around and slap that bitch with your pimping hand. every time she coughs, you shove your fist so hard into her nose her ass will bleed. this solved all my problems whenever I wanted a sandwich....

tell her you were sexually assulted last year, then start crying. Guilt the shit out of her.

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can't you just move seats? and if not, a simple shut the fuck up should do just fine.

Yeah I know right, I bet you the people around her are thinking the same.

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you could transfer to another day op

67- Not if there aren't any other days available, or day where the class is run.

I've had the same problem, except this bitch says " That's what she said!" and then cracks up.

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This just sucks.

Just move to another seat. Problem solved.

TurboTalon 0

Exactly what I was thinking...

Some college classes DO have assigned seats, for attendance purposes... Or maybe OP has a really good seat. Why should she have to move because buddy behind her is being an idiot? Besides I'm sure her laughing disturbs other people besides the OP so it's more efficient to just get her to shut up. Just ask her to keep it down. If that doesn't work then tell her to shut the hell up every time she laughs and/or turn around and give her dirty looks.


turn around & punch her in the throat then deny it ;) problem solved

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She can probably still hear her.

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Im gonna go out on a limb here and sugest that she might be on meth.

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yeah bang her head into the desk. or bang her head til her brains are in her mouth... and maybe she'll think before she speaks. jus sayin

slappp that biitch

slappp that biitch

schwancy 2

End her life.

Whoah... I wouldn't go that far.....

PaintTheStars 2

Psh she doesn't have a sex life to end.

YDI for being a student, for having impure thoughts about a horny strumpet who sits near you, for mentioning sexual stuff just to hear her inane cackling, and for attending a class that mentions evidence in sexual assault cases just in the hopes that they mention a case you perpetrated. Pervert.

Kinda dark for the LULZ, Trollz...

Why Jane, I believe you are being racist towards me. Should I call Jesse Jackson?

Call him. If you don't, I will.

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i know that.... im not stupid.. i think