By please_no - United States
Today, the water in my shower wouldn't drain so I used a snake to unclog it. I pulled almost a full foot of nasty hair and gunk out of the drain. I just moved in, and the previous owner was an elderly woman. I just pulled a foot of old lady pubes out of my drain. FML
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  jellybean120  |  10

The same thing happened to me when I moved to my new apartment, but not just in the bathtub, in the sink too. my brother-in-law had to unclog the sink after he vomited into it, after drinking half a bottle of tequila on his own. it was disgusting!

  applesuckers  |  0

#67. You FAIL hard. #37 never said anything about hair growing forever. They said that they wonder how long it would be if they didn't trim it and if they made it straight. Your was completely unnecessary.
And you called #37 a moron. Maybe you should congratulate yourself for having the most ridiculous comment on here.
It's ironic huh?

  ivyy  |  0

uhhhh hellooo she's old, ever think maybe shes just loosing her hair(from her head)?!? and again she's old, so do u expect her snake the drain? stop whining moron...geeze

  rosaaaa_fml  |  6

Actually your pubic hair starts falling off when you reach a certain age due change of your hormones. I work as a nurse in a nursing home and the women who live there don t have much hair left.

The more you know:)

  rawr_ily96  |  24

#37 I read a random fact somewhere that they stop growing when they reach a certain length 'til you shave 'em or they fall off. That length is determined by genetics.

  jasonsaied  |  1

just last week

  vball_luvah  |  2

ohh ew jason (45)! thats gross. for reals??? i don't wanna get old :(
and i think old people still have pubes. there's this one old fml where the grandpa had red pubes, though his hair on his head was white. X( why do i have to remember the grossest things??
hahaha and OP, what do you mean by a "snake?" just wondering

  KurouTenshi  |  0

Actually, Turbo Snake is used to unclog sink/shower drains.
Whenever your sink/shower drains slowly, its due to buildup of hair and such (like from shaving)
You just use the Turbo Snake to shove itself into the drain, give it a twirl, and remove the clog.
You don't even have to remove the stopper!

(stupid fucking commercial plays in the store on 1-Repeat right above the display x.x)

  KurouTenshi  |  0

well I know what kind of snake it WASN'T ;)

but yeah, Anthony Sullivan does the video.

he took over for Billy Maes, so if he were stil alive I'd have to listen to him 8371 times a shift x.x