By nalathelionqueen - / Friday 10 August 2012 22:44 / United States - North Hills
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By  Mischief109  |  11

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  paddy4169  |  5

Well it seems that we can also deem 50's spelling to be more 'sophisticated' for the many morons out there to understand as well. "remind me IN why"-I rest my case as my unintelligible self was not able to understand this sophisticated sentence structure, what a moron I must be. 50 you're a wanker.

  paddy4169  |  5

Oh and for all the people who don't know what a wanker is (Americans) as it is a colloquial Australian/English term, it means someone who is really into themselves.

  jillybee101  |  7

83- I'm just gonna say what everyone's thinking about your comment; what in the bloody hell? Do you take us for a bunch of imbeciles? Holy baby Jesus you're thick.

  Lrigglez  |  7

This is where you say "I got a game we can play, it's called burn the kids who fucked me over!!!!". Then u catch there cabin on fire and walk away into the night laughing the whole time.

  LawSixx  |  11

Good for you. Want a cookie? And it was suppose to be a Family Guy reference, but you don't seem to get it since you wanna be a Nazi grammar instead of laughing it out.

By  ManInTheMachine  |  19

Co-workers can be dicks OP, but nobody said the workplace was the most enjoyable! At least you got to put a smile on the children's faces.

Now go through every FML on the site. You get a badge if you do.

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