By nalathelionqueen - 10/08/2012 22:44 - United States - North Hills

Today, the summer camp I work at had its annual scavenger hunt, wherein the counselors hide and the kids look for us. It was my first year there, so some of my colleagues showed me the "best hiding spot." Two hours later, still undiscovered, I realized they just wanted to get rid of me. FML
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Well.. I guess if no one found won! Jk FYL

9inchesSoft 11

They probably do it to all the new people that work there so I wouldn't be too worried.


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Then why did you say guy?

1 - Uhm, ha... ha? :/ I can't tell if you're trying to be funny or what.

JimSweatshirt 6

If i were Jason Voorhees i'd kill you first

jillybee101 7

Was this an attempt to be funny?

musicluvr2000 11

Reactions to OP's comment: 1) WTF??! 2) idiot much? 3) is she trying to be FUNNY??! O.o

Reactions to 50's comment: 1.) Not Funny. 2.) Not Funny. 3.) Not Funny.

This guy is hilarious! Please, please, tell us another knee slapper and by knee slapper, I mean something actually funny.

aimeesea75 16

And you're THAT douchebag! And by douchbag, I really mean douchebag.

It says on #50's profile that her "sense of humor is too sophisticated for many morons out there." How ironic.

Well it seems that we can also deem 50's spelling to be more 'sophisticated' for the many morons out there to understand as well. "remind me IN why"-I rest my case as my unintelligible self was not able to understand this sophisticated sentence structure, what a moron I must be. 50 you're a wanker.

Oh and for all the people who don't know what a wanker is (Americans) as it is a colloquial Australian/English term, it means someone who is really into themselves.

jillybee101 7

83- I'm just gonna say what everyone's thinking about your comment; what in the bloody hell? Do you take us for a bunch of imbeciles? Holy baby Jesus you're thick.

83 - good work stereotyping Americans, another classic case of that. No ones getting sick of that...

kyrie_eleison 2

Hello, I'm an American, and I just want to tell you that your comment is totally wrong! You should really do your research before you try to "educate" people...

BubbleGrunge 18

Fuck 'em OP. It's just summer camp, and it'll be over soon!

They were probably jealous that the kids would like OP better than them.

Yea it will be over soon op they played a cruel joke but at least you have a great hiding spot for the next time you play

Lrigglez 7

This is where you say "I got a game we can play, it's called burn the kids who fucked me over!!!!". Then u catch there cabin on fire and walk away into the night laughing the whole time.

47 your sick. I'm not even kidding.

47 You are one sick evil fuck just saying

Reverse snipe hunt.

StayClassyLassy 6

It wasn't even the kids fault #47.

Well.. I guess if no one found won! Jk FYL

OP's a winner in my book.

Does anyone else have to pee right when they start to hide?

delilah09 6

I hate that! That always happens !!

9inchesSoft 11

They probably do it to all the new people that work there so I wouldn't be too worried.

Same Idea at the summer camps I work at.

Well you're still the winner, right?

I don't think that small victory means anything to the OP. They should have ice cream instead.

Do u get paid cuz if you do Ur gettin paid to relax do cheer up

youjustmademelol 4

Learn English. Am I dumb or did no one else understand what that person said?

jillybee101 7

35- I have absolutely no idea what he said. But he managed to spell 'illiterate' correctly. Mind=blown.

LawSixx 11

Maybe your a buzz killington.

Your grammar makes my eyes bleed.

LawSixx 11

Good for you. Want a cookie? And it was suppose to be a Family Guy reference, but you don't seem to get it since you wanna be a Nazi grammar instead of laughing it out.

Schizomaniac 24

Yeah, Shrike. You damn Nazi grammar.

Son, the only thing that needs laughing out is the dick from your throat. Get literate or get the fuck out.

That last sentence is going to be my future battle cry.

Shrike = /thread.

What did you do? Surely it was not random.

Co-workers can be dicks OP, but nobody said the workplace was the most enjoyable! At least you got to put a smile on the children's faces. Now go through every FML on the site. You get a badge if you do.

I've read every FML on the site over the years, do I get a badge?

chocolatepandas 2

They were so jealous of your amazing hiding skills.