By roidrager - United States - Clearwater
Today, the steroids I was prescribed for a slightly irritating sinus infection have worked, albeit at the price of making me almost shit my pants multiple times. My sinuses are now clear enough that I get the full scent of my steroid-induced diarrhea. FML
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  Brandi_Faith  |  33

With a lot of meds you have to pick the lesser of two evils. At least Op's problem is only temporary and he will be off the meds soon. It's when you have to take meds for a chronic condition that it becomes more of a problem. You basically have to decide if the side effects are worse than the original problem or not.


Like all those commericals where the pills are supposed help something little like a runny nose then at the end the side effects are worse that what's supposed to be cured. "Symptoms may include diarrhea, loss of limbs, unconsciousness, and death."