By Anonymous - United Kingdom
Today, the only thing that managed to get me out of bed was scrambling to watch my neighbours have a screaming match in the middle of our street about which one of their brain-dead kids spray-painted "CUNT FLAPS" and a rudimentary knob on the communal garage door. FML
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  juicedboi  |  7

I don't care how you approach the situation as long as before you're done, you say "guvnah". But if you need advice on what to do, I suggest screaming out "you're both rudimentary knobs!" and proceeding to close your window and go back to sleep.

  scrapmetal58  |  9

34 - just so's ya knows a biscuit is the same as a cookie. A raisin scone is what you would have with a cup of tea. Scones are damned good too. Crumpets are amazing. Now I'm hungry. Bloody hell.

  SGT_DBL  |  15

Knob I get. I'm trying to figure out what kind of insult a "cunt flap" is supposed to be. That seems to me to be along the same lines as calling someone an ass cheek or the patch of grass some dog crap landed on. Its not a good thing for sure, but I wouldn't rate it as being the most logical of insults.

  Hockeyboy4280  |  18

8- Maybe she has nothing going on today. Maybe she's feeling lazy. You're insinuating that she's a "Depressed loser" for not getting out of bed? Jesus, during weekends and schoolbreaks, the only reason I get out of bed is to go to sports. Does this mean I'm a "depressed loser"?