By m2k - 20/06/2011 14:59 - Canada

Today, the only person I actually spoke with was a prank caller. I tried to have a conversation with him, but he hung up on me. FML
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The prank caller didn't want a conversation, he just wanted to annoy the shit out of you. I guess that means he failed.

"Hey, you've won 2 billion dollars" "What's cooking good looking?" *dial tone*


Looks like the pranker, *puts on sun glasses* pranker himself

i think #1 meant pranked* if not then...'wtf?' is right

1- If only your comment made sense.

My damned IPhone ruined an epic moment

bad spellers of the world untie.

I don't think I was the iPhone that ruined it

Agreed I'm terrible at spelling :/

-28 it auto corrected prankef to pranker...

31 did it auto-correct prankef? JK I'm not a grammar Nazi. "It's spelling not grammar" I know, I know but grammar Nazis correct spelling too.

Pranker or pranked, I don't like it.

Damn! You just got torched by 35! You just got torched! You just got torched!

I hate it when you spell one word wrong in whatever you are typing, and some tool mocks you for it. WTF?

38 I know I just corrected him to make fun of grammar Nazis but people are giving me thumbs down so I think they think I'm an actual grammar Nazi. Hemmm :(

-35 Your can bite my shiny bisexual car

you know you can turn off the autocorrect

26, it is Dyslexics of the world untie...

64- no. No it isn't. But good try! :)

Llama me para un conversasion con Abuela Grande.

sounds like you need social skills

^^agreed. maybe you can prank call someone to start your own conversation:)

Llama me para un conversasion con Abuela Grande mi querido.

prank call yourself?

so do u guy who hides from camera

94....prank call yourself? really dude..really?

You need social skills

did you not even see the comment above yours ???????

Calm your tits both comments were sent around the same time.

Did you not learn from writing this earlier in another post and getting the same reply? Wow

The prank caller didn't want a conversation, he just wanted to annoy the shit out of you. I guess that means he failed.

At least you dont text yourself (:

What's wrong with that?

ahaha did you ever get the nintendo wii?

No :( I didn't even get an iPad either.

I have the new human centIpad.

I do that when I need to remember something important

how do u text urself? lol

I once traveled in the future, and had to call myself in present day, but that idiot thought I was prank calling, and hung myself up.

So you are admitting your an idiot?

So you are admitting YOU'RE an idiot?

Does that mean YOU text yourself?! O_o

I think you missed the point, 68.

Now he probably thinks he called some mental person. Good job.

what's he losing/ missing out on?

you really need a life! just sayin.. lol. or friends one or the other would work eh

Try Facebook, might get you father in life with social skills.

Yea, because making cyber friends better prepares you talk to people face-to-face.

No, you misread. The OP would use facebook to discover his/her father who apparently has social skills, so I'm guessing the OP would learn about social skills from said father.

How will making friends on the internet help? I'm reserved and have no problem making friends online, but in "real life" it's a different story.

trolololololo #50 made my day

I'm still looking for the 50th comment.. and if I'm not wrong, it is farther!