By Soopa-Genius - Canada
Today, the new office IT guy figured the best way to get the virus off my computer was to wipe my entire hard drive. He was kind enough to back my data up and restore everything from the backups. Including the virus. FML
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It's called a factory restore. It's the only way to completely remove a virus. That's why you should back up irreplaceable things like photos as you take them so as not to lose them in an event like this. Everything else can be re-downloaded.

  zfrt  |  3

Actually, you're wrong. It is very possible to remove a virus without a factory restore. Find the virus, and remove all programs and registry files related to it. Then presto, clean computer.


you haven't dealt with too many viruses have you? some load themselves into the boot registry and rename themselves and reload every time you start your computer. sometimes an unconditional format is the only way to kill a virus. one really nasty one requires a physical reset (opening case and moving pins) to totally wipe it off.

  tjv3  |  10

actually 17 an IT professional that is well versed in the operating system and in reverse engineering of malware/virus software can completely eradicate the problem from the computer. I have done it numerous times. while it does take more time to complete the knowledge gained is well worth it in most cases. plus it goes a long way in helping to prevent future infection.

  Lostdonut  |  3

Yeah those are the nasty ones, but I doubt that was the case here. Safe mode usually works with the people who come to me. But I have had a few bad ones where registry or wipe was needed.

  EvilPotato  |  14

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