By gr8terevil - United States
Today, the men clearing the walkway outside my dorm room, with a snowblower didn't realize that my window was open. I looked over from my computer to see snow shooting in, covering my clock, closet, and radio. And now it's melting. FML
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By  Xinxinix  |  0

Oh wow, I would've been so angry at the dude. Wonder how much damage it did to all your stuff. Although, I wouldn't have my window open in the snow. For whatever reason you did, I'm pretty sure it's reasonable.

By  beekers  |  0

I always have my window open because my bed is right next to the heater. It isn't a stupid thing to do. It gets hot in my room. I'd file a complaint if I were you.

By  eclipse99  |  0

#4 i agree, my dorm room always has the heat on ridiculously high and since the school monitors the thermostat, we cant adjust it, and the only way for us to control the temperature in our rooms is by opening the windows.

By  uh_oh  |  0

My dorm window was always open because we couldn't control the heat in individual rooms so they would get really hot. Also, sometimes it's nice to open your window for a few minutes to get some fresh air so your room doesn't become all stuffy.

Sucks for you!