By nomail - United States - Minneapolis
Today, the management office of my apartment building announced it will be keeping packages in the office until you can pick them up. They also posted new hours. There will be someone in the office once a week, for two hours only. I work those two hours, every single week. No more mail for me. FML
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  TabooSushi  |  24

Actually they can, but you have to have a large enough box and it also depends on what the package is.
Source: Both of my parents are 20+ year post officers, as well as my stepdad, and my dad and stepdad get stuff delivered to their P.O boxes all the time.

By  tapdancecolumbia  |  14

Yeah, I think you should seriously consider a PO Box.

By  zedjaleaf1  |  11

Let's hope work is worth it and they don't get mad at you for having good ideas, on the serious note OP, would they allow others to pick it up for you just in case you don't want to redirect your mail which honestly isn't a hassle at all. Good luck OP!

By  socialproduct  |  19

Your management office is only open 2 hours a week? In addition to mail I'd think people would have to talk to them about maintenance and other concerns that might not fit in that time slot.

  asdfedcf  |  7

the mail is most likely addressed to the company mailbox with it's name on it. it would be perfectly fine for the company to redirect or hold mail sent to them.

By  Sandman2015  |  12

Yeah you might want to remind your apartment management they can't be open for two hours a day, once a week and withhold your mail. That is beyond illegal to withhold mail like that.

Have everything forwarded to your office in the meantime.