By what / Thursday 11 June 2015 22:46 / United States - Livermore
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By  rokhan  |  3

Did you give it to him?

  Fern_Gully  |  20

Maybe not dumb enough to come with the laptop, but he might just be dense enough to think he could get lucky. He *did* call OP for the password to the laptop he stole...

By  russfml  |  31

That's when you reply with I will give you my "password" but I will have to verify what your address is first. I mean he sounds stupid enough to fall for it


Today, while on a flight, I was walking back to my seat after going to the bathroom, when someone stuck their leg out, causing me to trip and fall flat on my face. All the guy could say was, "There's a thing called glasses. Fucking use them!" FML

By Puff301 / Friday 1 January 2016 23:25 / Australia - Tuggerah
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