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Today, the man next to me was feeding the birds when he ran out of food. We were at Adventure Island and there were "Do not feed the birds" signs everywhere. The birds then became aggressive and started savaging the both of us. FML
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  chlorinegreen  |  27

Hey.. Some birds get big and the bigger they get they just seem to get more aggressive. I always give them breathing room. It also helps by giving me a couple of seconds for head start if I have to run. I'm so glad I don't live near a ostridge farm. **Shivers**

  bennetts211  |  2

Oh, sideways Nicki Minaj, your comments are always so witty, and in this case, completely correct. Still can not take you seriously, though :p. Perhaps if you rotated it, slightly?

  thtsuxs  |  0

op how was the guy feeding birds if he ran outta food??? and sideways nicki u asked for the people who aren't wondering...u should have used anybody

  RandomPotato  |  0

Birds are vicious. My cousin's friend was trying to feed some at McDonald's, but he accidentally dropped all the food on one. the rest of the seagulls pecked it to death...

84- Your cat looks exactly the same as mine... It's sort of freaky...

  EmperorPsycho  |  0

I have a bird living in my garage. Personally, I'm not scared f it, I'll open the garage door to let it outside occasionally, but my older sister is deathly afraid of it, and she will refuse to go outside unless she is sure it's gone.


Large birds like ostriches scare the living shit outta me. A peacock came up to me at the zoo because he wanted my sandwich, and I ran away shrieking.

104 - why, that also looks like my cat! How peculiar.

  Bobissmall  |  13

You're not thinking deep enough... months of people feeding these birds makes them associate humans with food... then i arrive, and suddenly the birds flock me.

Now unless you have a time machine...

  MrSassypants  |  32

9 people always make fun of fears. People make fun of my fear of goldfish. I was attacked by one but it wasn't even the animal goldfish it was the snack. They say "The snack that smile back! Goldfish!" That wasn't a happy snack, it was angry as fuck and attacked me!