By Anonymous - United States
Today, the little boy I nanny for finally stood up and went 'pee-pee on the potty'. I started cheering and clapping, making a big deal out of it. I flushed while he smiled proudly and pooped on the floor. FML
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By  vev_fml  |  0

hehe, yeah, it's not like they pee once right, and then they are toilet trained. It's a slow process, no big deal. Plus, poop on the floor is not especially more icky than poop in a nappy/diaper, since I guess it is tiles in the bathroom.

By  The_Great_Zucchi  |  14

So, it's a little kid. Stuff like this happens with little kids all the time. Deal with it. If you think this is a FYL PLEASE don't ever have kids or you'll be on here every day...