By sad drummer - 17/01/2013 20:50 - United States - La Jolla

Today, the lead singer of the band I recently joined blatantly admitted to a fan that the only reason he let me in was because I'm "so fuckin' ugly" that I make the rest of them look "ten times better" in comparison. FML
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I find it also very ironic that you're the drummer. The drummer is always in the back where nobody can get a good look at him..

You're such a helpful person.


You're such a helpful person.

My god that's horrible...

Yeah! I'd rather be ugly than have no talent!

But if your talent is being ugly... You should invest in another talent. But Op is the drummer so the band leader would be a fool to let someone in the band for being ugly but also a bad drummer and make the band sound bad.

Singers can be absolute dicks, drummers are usually the ones that help make the band great, without asking for all of the credit.

Yeah 57. It's DRUMMING that makes a band sound good. Not the actual melody.

70- not sure if you're being sarcastic but being able to keep tempo is rather important, especially in a live performance

#57 I think that's opposite for Metallica.. Asshole drummer who wants the credit.

I find it also very ironic that you're the drummer. The drummer is always in the back where nobody can get a good look at him..

And they're usually not all that handsome. Vinnie Paul is one of the better looking drummers, and that's not setting the bar very high. However, like Vinnie, OP will get a much better quality of women with talented hands than his band mate will with a pretty face.

Well looking on the bright side - at least you're a good drummer! Hopefully you can go far with it! :)

Groupies ftw they don't care what you look like they just want to sleep with the band.

Travis Barker's the drummer and he always gets the girl

Shannon Lucas is pretty hot. ;D

Ashton Irwin is a hot drummer

As a drummer, I feel your pain. The other gorillas make fun of me all the time

Time for you need to find a new band

I say you quit the band, start substitute teaching, replace your band members with students from a private school, educate them in rock history, and compete in the battle of the bands against your old band. Sounds like the making of a good movie :)

I feel like a better star would be Betty White. I'd like to see someone prove this wouldn't be awesome.

I guess he wants the limelight on him.

I guess that means you're the Duff.

You should hang out with the "Other" Jonas brother.

This has to be the best comment I've ever seen.

Leave the band

Don't be sad, he sounds insecure about his own looks if he said that about you.

What a lovely bitch.