By sad drummer - United States - La Jolla
Today, the lead singer of the band I recently joined blatantly admitted to a fan that the only reason he let me in was because I'm "so fuckin' ugly" that I make the rest of them look "ten times better" in comparison. FML
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  XxDevilxXGt  |  26

But if your talent is being ugly... You should invest in another talent. But Op is the drummer so the band leader would be a fool to let someone in the band for being ugly but also a bad drummer and make the band sound bad.

  TheDrifter  |  23

And they're usually not all that handsome. Vinnie Paul is one of the better looking drummers, and that's not setting the bar very high. However, like Vinnie, OP will get a much better quality of women with talented hands than his band mate will with a pretty face.

  Naarly  |  6

I say you quit the band, start substitute teaching, replace your band members with students from a private school, educate them in rock history, and compete in the battle of the bands against your old band. Sounds like the making of a good movie :)