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  Just_A_Tree  |  20

I broke a Pole Vault pole and injured my left elbow on my 17th birthday. It left me with multiple issues with vaulting. And I hadn't mentioned to anyone that it was my birthday, until after my accident.

No party is still better than humiliating yourself, badly injuring yourself, and gaining multiple mental roadblocks that hold you back from what you love.

At least your birthday didn't leave you feeling like a bird with a broken wing, unable to feel the rush of freedom, unable to fly... Just watch as others accomplish what you desperately want to do...

Besides, as you get older, party's become more of just a few close friends spending the day together, not a big group of somewhat friends. But that may be just me.


The point he made is that birthday parties and acknowledgement of birthdays isn't all that important, & at least you're healthy and in good condition, with no serious complications and to simply be happy about that. It was all relevant & made a point if you paying attention.

By  dawnimus  |  21

Obviously it's hard to tell from this FML whether you've mentioned it to your friends or not, but if you don't say when your birthday is, people aren't going to know! Throw your own party next year and enjoy :) Happy Birthday OP!

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

I wondered this too. When I first read the FML I thought Op was the teacher and was confused as to why she cared. Then I read it again and figured Op was probably a student on the team. Could go either way. If you are on the team Op then maybe you have never mentioned your birthday before, or maybe you aren't as close to the other kids as the other birthday girl. Birthdays should be spending time with your family and close friends, maybe these kids are close friends? If not then either try and change that or just throw yourself your own party with the close friends you do have and maybe even invite the team too.