By Gurl - 07/09/2012 22:32 - Ireland - Dublin

Today, the iPhone app I downloaded that plays cricket noises during the night, has attracted a horde of actual crickets into my bedroom. FML
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well looks like you won't need that app anymore..

I suggest downloading an app that makes the noises of a naughty, horny woman


well looks like you won't need that app anymore..

Yea, he should get the app with girl noises and cross his fingers, or boy, if its a girl..

16-What the hell are you trying to say?

16 - clever how you posted what I said 5 minutes after I did but threadjacked the first comment

I think 16 Is trying to say the noises will attract people. Boy noises attracting girls and girl noises attracting boys.

OP should leave a bad review for the app. That'll show them!

I know this is threadjacking but can anyone clarify if there are even crickets in Ireland? I lived there for 18 years and didnt see or hear one even once. As far as I knew it was the wrong climate for them and the closest thing we have is grasshoppers.

Dude they're everywhere in Nj (U.S). Lift up a gutter drainage thing and you find like 10. Wish there were more preying mantices to feed them too though, love feeding those things

Stop attacking 23 and read the time on comment 11 and 16

Well, if the water turns into blood, I would start confessing xD.

Finally a good comment from a girl!

141 well... I'm.. Flattered?

Isn't that what you wanted?

Well now u have the real thing :)

I have a friend who downloaded a porn app. I think he's still waiting for the real thing to show up.

Ur comment totally made my day! If we all got what we Downloaded on a app in real life I think we would have more problems that we knew what to do with. But I like ur style!

Problems...? A dearth of bacon because the porcine population has been decimated by cardinals?

Lucky you...

I'm sure that's why he posted it, because he's 'lucky'...

Why would you get an app that makes cricket noises?

possibly to help them sleep?

Maybe when somebody uses the pun "That's a shitty situation" on FML, he uses it. :D

Well now u won't need the app!!

I have that app really does help promote sleep.

I find cricket sounds extremely annoying so I fail to see why you would download the app lol. But then again, I do have plenty of useless apps just for the heck of it.

I find you extremely annoying.

37 - did someone put on a grumpy hat today?

Well maybe you can find me a hat to wear to fix it.

I lost my tolerance hat...

Well it is so nearly the weekend, put your party hat on and do the Macarena!!!

You've shown me the way.

Did you 5 star rate the app? The way I see it it went above and beyond the call of duty.

Now you can delete that app and get a new one! Win win.

I suggest downloading an app that makes the noises of a naughty, horny woman

OP's name is Gurl. Perhaps she isn't into naughty horny women.

She could be a lesbian, or bisexual.

Gurl is slang for a tstv male here, it might be there too.

#35- That's very true. Gurl is slang for a transsexual, but only people who are trans and/or into trannies usually know that! Looks like our secret is out, buddy...

68- I just killed your dreams.. Sorry

Just imagine what else you could attract! I say download more apps :D

...tumbleweed rolls slowly down middle of road...

*Grabs harmonica and plays the western standoff theme*