By Anonymous - 28/4/2012 22:44 - United States
Today, the imperial fist of spring allergies knocked me flat on my ass. The time I was going to spend at the outdoor concert I paid $80 for was instead spent in my car, driving back home. FML
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By  GoW_Chick  |  14

Next time use the force to stop those allergies...
I have know idea why, but when I read this I pictured an epic star wars battle with music and everything. my nerdom knows no bounds!

By  klorehore  |  24

It's that time of year OP, you should have known better and brought meds with you. It's not like we sometimes are lucky enough to just skip spring and it's nasty allergies, surely this cannot have been too surprising.


I've tried Allegra and Claritin, and the Allegra didn't do shit for me. The Claritin works, yet one of my coworkers swears by Allegra because Claritin did nothing for them. It all depends on your system. Some people just resist certain meds.