By Alison - United States
Today, the "hot" guy I've been talking to for a few weeks sent me a picture. He was very overweight and not good looking at all. He then followed up with, "Now send me one of you so I can prove to all of my friends that you're real." FML
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  cherylface  |  13

Haha, that was my first reaction! She hasn't seen his picture to this point but assumes he's hot? I'm guessing he told her he was hot, which is funny because it's the internet and "hot" is a very easy word to type.

  sarcdude  |  3

Not true, I met someone online last year once, and then in real life. Although she did break my heart later...

Still, not the point. What was my point again?

  Penetration  |  0

Here's how life online is:
[omfgimustbesohawtimontehinternet]: generic flirt.
[idiot]: generic accept.

And then it starts down a path of retardation until they both realize how hideous one or the other are.
Well, it happens that way MOST of the time from what I understand.

  teiso_fml  |  0

The question still stands - why would she just take his word for it?

Or at least consider the possibility?

Besides, if he already sent her a "fake" photo, why would he bother sending her a "real" photo afterwards so she'd send him a photo?

  farmgirl  |  3

Darwinian evolution - We look for those who appear to be fit and healthy (i.e. not overweight) because they are the mates with whom we will be able to populate the world and continue our species. Not such a bad thing in the overall scheme of the continuation of mankind.

  Flutist  |  3

I don't think it is fair to judge people solely on their looks, but it is a sign of whether or not a person takes care of themselves. Being chubby is one thing, I am not saying we all have to be sticks. But "very overweight" is a little ambiguous. My thought is he did not take care of himself, only added to the "i need to prove to my 'friends' you are real" and no wonder she thinks her life is over. But sigh, this is not the worst thing that could happen. In fact, you just didn't hook up with someone. OOOH, I feeeel so bad for you. Reality check, at least you aren't the guy asking for your photo. He seems like a sad little man.

  Flutist  |  3

But she didn't give him a chance. i know I made up some pitiable guy. I am not saying she needed to fuck him, i am saying she talked to him for WEEKS, and then because he is overweight she doesn't anymore. That must have hurt, if he is the type of guy who is constantly being put down. Being friends would have been okay.

  purple5  |  0

well, if he lied about what he actually looked like.. he could've lied about everything else. i wouldn't care whether or not i liked the guy i'd been talking to, if they'd lied about something which is a pretty big deal then i wouldn't want to talk to them again either. i also think he deserves it for having lied.

  tiancai  |  0

3-4% of the world? I think you mean of America. In most countries overweight individuals make up a tiny percent of the population. For example where I live like 95% of the girls have a good looking body, so the task is to find one with a cute face to go with that body (also relatively common around here) and you've got yourself a deal. Of course if you're into big boobs you'd have to look elsewhere, but it's a matter of taste.

  Flutist  |  3

she might have assumed he was hot. Also, no one is going to say, 'Hey, honey, I'm 500 pounds, have wet dreams about Carebears and look like Chewy's butt." They are going to make themselves sound better. I might just feel for the poor guy. Anyways, its Op's choice, but did she make the kindest one?

  studentwoes  |  2

How do you know they didn't end up friends?? Does it say that anywhere? Do you know the OP personally and have access to info the rest of us don't? You have no idea how the situation turned out. You're guessing.

Everyone is making this girl seem like a HUGE bitch, but we don't know how the situation turned out. She thought she was talking to a hot guy, and he turned out to not be someone she's attracted to. That's not a crime. We have no idea what her definition of hot is. And she may still talk to him, but just shoot him down romantically. As I said previous, physical attraction is necessary in a relationship.

AND overweight isn't attractive. Do you really blame her? I'm willing to bet so many people responding criticizing her would have the same reaction.

  LoveFifteen  |  0

3-4% of the world? Maybe in the rural United States. Here in the city where I live, there are hot, well-dressed people everywhere. There is nothing abnormal about wanting to be physically attracted to the person you are dating. Geez!

  Lawlipop  |  3

At the risk of being accused of being on the hefty side myself (it's funny how people here automatically assume you're chubby if you try to sympathize with larger individuals discussed in FMLs), I would very much like to point something out, studentwoes. There are PLENTY of people in the world who find overweight people attractive. Even plenty of people who find VERY overweight people attractive.

"Overweight people are unattractive" is a stupid thing to say... "overweight is a very vague term. If you met a pretty girl--really pretty face, largish boobs, etc--and she informed you that her doctor says she's 6 lbs overweight, would SHE be unattractive? She's still overweight, even if not by much.

Anyway. Not saying you're wrong about physical attraction being a key part of a relationship, because it is. But you shouldn't assume being overweight (whether that be slightly or grossly) can't BE PART of someone's attractiveness, depending on the people involved.

  plutosaplanet  |  0

flutist....why oh why do you keep complaining about the Op throwing the guy away just bc hes fat? saying the OP is only into looks and being a bitch for not accepting someone as being fat? i am not seeing that said once in the post and yet everytime your little fingers decide to type away its the same bullshit. shut up. you clearly are on a soapbox that has no point in being here.

  madaoxsan  |  9

agreed Lawlipop

I find girls on the plumper and heftier side to be attractive. I also find girls on the lower end of the spectrum attractive, usually not in the same way, however. But your point is proven, case and point: I like bigger gals.

Just call me Mr. Natural

By  Antivirus_fml  |  0

OP most likely either assumed or thought of his profile picture as his real picture, in either case now she's gonna break his heart.

So what if he's fat & unattractive, he's a human too, he has feelings too, he deserves a good life too.... All i can say is FHL.