By Paperboy - 28/03/2013 09:57 - Bosnia and Herzegovina - Ilijas

Today, the highlight of my day was when I found that there was finally toilet paper in the cubicle at work. FML
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They make you go in your cubicle? Yes, this is most definitely an FML.

Who needs toilet paper in a work cubicle?


They make you go in your cubicle? Yes, this is most definitely an FML.

People who do a shit job could use toilet paper.

No they make him go on the sidewalk.

They don't call them 'stalls' in European countries? If I told my boss I was going to go take a shit in the cubicle...well, you get where I'm going with this.

Who needs toilet paper in a work cubicle?

Cubicle, As in bathroom stall I assume.

Maybe he's excited he no longer has to goto the bathroom every time he wants to whack it at work?

Funny how #1 and #5 both have a Penguin in their photo!

Maybe he works in the oval office

#13 apparantly penguins get the european lingo.

Penguins are just that awesome.

Penguins are wicked, no doubt, but what is lingo? Is it like a game?

It's like bingo. But with words.

#30 STFU about politics or GTFO. this has never been/never will be the right place for politics.

#40. Oval Office is a slang term for the crapper, mate.


a third consecutive shitting in your own work space joke

Probably that shitty toilet paper that's thinner than tissue

so u dIDnt use them until u find it there today?

Here we go...again. So* you* didn't* you* found* Also, by "them" I'm assuming you meant toilet paper, but I can't be sure.

9-Go be stupid somewhere else. Two times in a row? You should know better.

Was it BYOTP before this?

I cannot express how much this made me laugh, and I'm not sure why this made me laugh so much. BYOTP...hehehe.

Must have been a rough day for toilet paper to be a highlight

at least you can find something to be positive about

Such is life in Bosnia and Herzegovina.