By Anonymous - 22/12/2010 16:19 - United Kingdom

Today, the highlight of my day was someone prank-calling me. FML
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Did you have phone sex?

perdix 29

Pass it on! Call the bowling alley and ask if they have 12-pound balls. When they answer yes, say, "Then where do you buy underwear?!" And hang up.


Did you have phone sex?

Where did that came from? Did you ever had phone sex when they prank-called you? Ever......?

Epilepsy_fml 0

My prank calls are when I have phone sex with a random person then at the end say that I'm actually a man.

fakeaccountX 6

Did the caller pretend to be a telemarketer offering you penis enlarger pumps? If so that was me.

I don't get this FML. That happens alot so it's not really an FML.

If someone prank calls me I am going to make it interesting.

the highlight of my day was reading this fml

Alpha35 4

no one likes u... not even the prank caller

Well, if you got a call from the Fonejacker...

mercedes3210 6


yeah, well the highlight of my day was standing up to get juice.. I have been sick and pukeing for two days. yesterday i was out of my bed all together for maybe half hour, including going to the bathroom. oh yeah, later is our Christmas party with lots of people coming over, and my mom says to stay in my room the whole time so I don't get anybody sick. FML

you relize that this is probably fake I mean really? that's not an FML it's a "I'm so stupid I post an FML rather than go outside and solve the problem" dumb shit

Go take your problems elsewhere. Reading that made me feel sorry for you.

mercedes3210 6

I think that's what he or she wanted

Get a life then.

tribridags 0's his fault he didn't leave his cave and do something fun.

I'm sorry what was that? My eyes have a mind of their own. They're thinking it won't matter if you're a butterface (buttisface) with a body like that.

hey sometimes a prank call can be fun!

tykiej 0

Hello? Is your refrigerator running? You'd better go catch it!!! Bwaaaahaaahaahaaa!!!

Twisted107 4

^ This

awwww lol man :)

Every dog has it's day.

Loool, your life sounds fun

glorialaura21 8

totally!!!! man, I wish someone prank called me!!

perdix 29

Pass it on! Call the bowling alley and ask if they have 12-pound balls. When they answer yes, say, "Then where do you buy underwear?!" And hang up.

Epilepsy_fml 0

That's offensive to us men with testicular cancer.....

perdix 29

Do you have A 12-pound ball? There, does that make it better?

Epilepsy_fml 0

You insensitive bastard. You should be terrible ashamed of yourself. You should've realized that I had to have one of mine removed.

perdix 29

Well, then call the butcher shop and ask if they have pig's feet. When they answer yes, ask them, "So, where do you buy shoes?" Now, you're going to tell me you're a thalidamide baby.

Nah, wouldn't be able to type then.

KiddNYC1O 20

Uh, yeah... Way to fish for sympathy, #14.

Jokes are only offensive to insecure people.

get a life!!!!!!

Ninjafriends 1

You should take a dump and change all that.


Is Mr Hunt there? First name Mike.


Or Mike Rotch

or mike ockhurtz

it's Mike Hawk yuh white idiots ... that's frum Shane Dawson ... he's white too so yuh shuld knw who he is dumb asses !!!