By cavgirl - 12/04/2009 22:40 - United States

Today, the guy that I like took me on to the Cavaliers game. At the game, on the jumbotron they do a thing where they show couples and have them kiss, the camera goes on to us and as I go into kiss him he turns and says "not in this lifetime". The entire stadium got to see me get rejected. FML
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the crowd should of started the "asshole" chant

Next time he asks you to go somewhere or do something tell him - "not in this lifetime"


FIRST! That sucks though.

the crowd should of started the "asshole" chant

he's a jerk for leading you on....why did he bring you?

Lmao I can just imagine that xD

So kill him and then kiss him. Duh :)

#231. Because friends hang out and do things together... Just a wild guess though

ouch! i've seen that happen before though.. hopefully he was kidding? maybe he was embarrassed to kiss you in front of the whole stadium..

i so agree with #2

Next time he asks you to go somewhere or do something tell him - "not in this lifetime"

He doesn't like her in that way. Clearly he just wants to be friends seriously how does that make him a bad person ?

#271 I mean he could have said it nicer. He's like "not in this lifetime" but he could have said something like "sorry but I don't like you that way." His was was more like a f*ck no!

Yea that's just f'd up. FYL fo sho. Just dump your coke on him and leave. For the win. It's his fault for taking someone on a date he wouldn't even kiss, that's just a waste of time...

That sucks. But I bet the entire stadium was on your side.

3-he obviously wasn't embarrassed if he said "not in this lifetime" he is a dick, ditch his ass.

I would have bitch-slapped him so the whole crowd could see him get his ass handed to him and then leave.

good thing no one goes to those games