By Anonymous - 06/11/2013 17:29 - United States - Davenport

Today, the guy I really like asked me if I'd like to go to a hockey game this weekend. I said I'd love to go, so he said, "Then you'd best get a ticket soon before they sell out." I still don't know if I have a date or not. FML
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You probably don't...

I'd say not. And if you do he doesn't sound like a very nice guy to be on one with.


You probably don't...

He wants a date and he wants you to pay for your half.

jojimugo 20

That dude is a dick

boxbrandon11 20

Its not a date but a hockey game is a win-win!

alan2kai13 3

Ask him what seat he's in. Then you can ask if the seats beside him are free

\ 28

You most likely don't.

jenevil27 9

she shouldn't have to pay for anything. The way he asked her made him more of a douche.

What?! No! do not take #54 advice! do you have any idea how creepy that sounds? besides, he sounds like an asshole, in my opinion dont even bother. if he wants to take you on a date then he should just ask you and i agree with those saying he wants you to pay your half.

alan2kai13 3

I don't think you know what creepy is...

Helldemon 32

Sounds like he may just be an asshole and knows you like him so he said that to make you think he was asking you out just to be a douche.

I'd say not. And if you do he doesn't sound like a very nice guy to be on one with.

Mackay92 14

Why do some women think men should pay for things... maybe he meant it as a friend to go

*sigh* #18: Seats aren't magically going to be together if bought separately. If I want to go to the theatre with my friends, one person buys the tickets and is reimbursed by the others. It's really the only way to ensure we get to sit together as a group.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Anytime I've gone to a sporting event be it hockey or really anything else, there's always quite a few open seats. By the end of the first quarter you usually can move around to wherever you want. Maybe this hockey game is completely sold out and maybe they do make you sit in seat you were assigned. I'm just speaking from personal experience.

It sort of defeats the purpose of a date if they were separated. Sure, they could meet up later during the game, of afterwards, but it doesn't seem particularly effective. McFeelli, I'm sure you, with all your sexual exploits, wouldn't be able to leave a girl alone for two seconds let alone an entire quarter.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Ah Welshite, that's what those dirty, dirty public restrooms are for! Haha, but what I meant was, by end of the first quarter anyone who bought a ticket is at the game. So you can move freely around knowing you aren't taking someone else's specific seat location.

LittleRed79 39

I hate to have to be the girl who points this out to you McFeelii, but hockey games have 3 periods not 4 quarters ;)

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Lol sorry, I'm not a huge hockey fan myself. I just figured it was like football and had 4 quarters haha. Well, now I know. I'll admit I was wrong, because obviously, I was wrong. Haha. Appreciate the subtly though, maybe no one else will notice!

mcfeelii just shut up now

Depending on how he worded it, she may have thought he was asking her out. OP, at least you found out really quickly what a douchebag this guy is.

That's a sticky situation. I wonder if anyone has ever used that one before! Ice see I'm about to be killed, so i'll get the puck out!

More like slaughtered.

You're trying too hard, #4

Definitely not a date.

Probably not. Besides, I don't think it would've been a good idea anyway.

thatonegirlnic 10

Date or no date, go to the game. It's hockey. Do it. Win-win

A million times agreed.

You guys must be canadian aye lol

HeyHeyFishFillet 34

Yes #16, because only Canadians enjoy hockey. *faceplam*

dat "aye lol" though...

HeyHeyFishFillet 34

Just saw my horrible grammar I truly am facepalming.

LittleRed79 39

16, if you're going to stereotype at least get it right...we spell it "eh" Just trying to be a helpful Canadian ;)

thatonegirlnic 10

Actually, I'm a Cali girl. Sorry to disappoint your narrow-minded stereotype :)

Shrouds 14


even if you don't have a date you can still play the hockey pokey

I should have taken this advice before buying Green Day tickets. Too bad they sold out.

littlexlune 16

He sounds like a tool anyway.

How does this make him a tool?

How? He never said he wanted to be at the game with her. I asked somebody w few hours ago if they wanna go the Iron Bowl this year, I never said why.

it seems not.. but if it is a date then he is ome cheap guy to ask a girl for adate n let her pay her bill (Ticket) -_-

HeyHeyFishFillet 34

God forbid that a woman may ever want to pay for herself, right?

RedPillSucks 31

see comment #19

Pretty sure #23 isn't talking about the seating arrangement when buying tickets, but more poking fun at the idea of how some people still expect men to always pay for everything when it comes to dates.

While I agree that men shouldn't have to pay for everything and women should put forth some funds, I also believe that the person asking the other out, should be the person paying. Its rude to ask a person out and then tell them to pay for themselves. if she were to invite him somewhere, she should be the one to paying as well.

So in other words since men are expected to do the asking they should pay 95% of the time

I think men should pay for the first date. Then if you date steadily, or at least a few more times, the woman should chip in too. Me and my boyfriend split bills all the time, or one of us pays in full. Equal effort.

Everyone has a different take on this, so it is really just a matter of dating someone who agrees. Before we married, my boyfriend payed 100% on all of our dates. We are in our 20's too, not old fashioned. I would just have a hard time finding a guy attractive that straight up asked for money towards a date...but I have no objections to doing free things on a date either.