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  stevenN659  |  24

where do you live? im 6'4" I weigh around what I think is 160pounds, and all I do is eat, sleep and work. sometimes its not a lack of sustenance at all, ever concidered that people can have a high metabolisim?

  Forbid21  |  21

A person can be considered skinny but still healthy while someone with a bigger or different size can still be healthy as well.

Being skinny does not mean you're automatically anorexic. Anorexia can happen to anyone, despite what ever size you may have.

  foxwasalamb  |  24

@kingcaper, on behalf of all anorexics out there, fuck you. you don't understand what its like. how bout you put yourself in their shoes? its so much more than just wanting to be skinny. its not feeling like you're worth it, its feeling like you don't deserve it, and its a daily struggle that i personally have dealt with for 5 years. you cant just treat it with the snap of your fingers. it engulfs your life. so again, fuck you

  tantanpanda  |  26

Why do you keep insisting that OP isn't fat? You don't even know what op looks like. I'm not saying that she is fat, I'm saying she might be. It's wrong to just keep insisting that op isn't fat. There's nothing wrong bout being fat, just like there's nothing wrong with being skinny, as long as you're getting your nutrients, eating somewhat healthy, etc. You also shouldn't be grouping skinny people as anorexic just like people shouldn't group fat people as lazy people who do nothing. Both have real reasons for being that way. you shouldn't use anorexia like all skinny people have it.
rant sequence deactivated.

  kingcaper817  |  14

Hey just so you know you aren't the only one with problems I have bulimia and depression so you know what fuck you I don't need to take this I was just trying to make op feel better

  otecasacid  |  22

"i was trying to make op feel better by lying to her"
sometimes people really arent beautiful. like adalia rose. all the white knights of the internet said she was beautiful. I saw no beauty.

  itsalie  |  19

#62 im not saying its wrong being fat but it is very unhealthy to be fat, but it is also very unhealthy to be too skinny so technically there is a wrong side to both weights and somewhere in-between is the healthy/correct weight

  PDSot  |  21

even if she is fat, dont tell her shes not
fat ppl know theyre fat and u saying theyre not is saying that being fat is bad
you dont tell someone that their eyes arent blue bcuz they dont like blue eyes
they have blue eyes and they know it
teach them to like their blue eyes
teach ppl that u can be fat and beautiful
theres not a single thing wrong with being fat
some athletes are fat
some fat ppl have better health than skinny ppl
literally stop saying fat is bad and that being skinny is probably healthier