By CharlieKearney - Sweden - Uppsala
Today, the guy I made out with on New Year's Eve finally called me. Too bad it was to blame me for the picture of us which someone had sent to his girlfriend. I never took a picture, and had no idea he was in a relationship. FML
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  tibtak_fml  |  10

I'm a guy and I don't do that. Pink is not the favorite color of every girl neither. That guy is a douch but we are not all like him so please temper your analysis

  Jaadde  |  24

To #18 - #1 Said 'boys like that' and #12 said 'a guy who cheats', neither of them said 'all boys' or 'all guys' so your defensive answer saying you're not all like that is completely unnecessary.

  Kitouran  |  30

#18 Oh my god! Someone who actually uses 'not all men'! That response is used to minimize the outcry of women, and it's not talking about you personally, just boys in general. Maybe you're a nice guy, maybe you don't fall into that category, then they weren't talking about you.

  JKPwnage  |  25

#25 It's not used to minimize the outcry of women, it's used to minimize the bullshit from the "#KillAllMen" idiots. Why is it fine to say, "Not all women ________" in response to something, but when someone says "Not all men ________" in response to something it's "minimizing the outcry of women"?

  GamerG0DDESS  |  29

Because we never hear about the faithful ones. There are so many people in this world, is it really THAT often that we hear about cheaters when considering the population? Yes, we hear about it a lot, but that's the internet. People complain about bad things but never good, don't lose hope in the numbers, there are still good loyal people out there and they probably out number the scumbags.

  VeganVampyre  |  26

Especially on a site called F my life... No one's ever gonna post on here "today I realized my boyfriend loves me and has never cheated on me." or "today I met a guy who told me he has a girlfriend so nothing happened." Because that would be ridiculous. Doesn't mean those people aren't out there though.

  Roaster94  |  5

It's a super long explanation, and frankly one that would upset 90% of people who read it. If you're actually interested there are some long interesting essays and articles explaining why society is the way it is today and why it is actually a bad thing