By Anonymous - 20/11/2013 21:06 - Canada - Windsor

Today, the guy I like shoved me out of the way so he could talk to another girl. FML
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He sounds like an arsehole, ignore him.

From my POV he sounds like a jerk anyway, don't sweat it!


He sounds like an arsehole, ignore him.

There are 7.2 billion people out there. He isn't worth it.

The OP never even mentioned that the guy knows her. He could have politely went past her, but in crazy in love eyes, he 'shoved' her for another girl.

#12; possible, but unlikely. Obsessiveness normally includes "the love of my life" not "the guy I like". My interpretation anyways. Probably just a bad case of friend zoned.

Yet she felt the need to post it on FML =)

#18 Well it isn't a pleasant experience. Also not uncommon on FML haha :p

#18 And what do you think people do here?

Complain about their lives? Why, do you have another understanding of this site? My point is, if the OP just liked this guy, she wouldn't think her life is f-ed , now crazy crush love, that's more common on FML

You're really arguing for the sake of arguing here. Obviously, OP is upset at her situation, that's why she posted her story on FML. Who cares if she said that she liked the guy or that it was the love of her life?

Don't be a dick and fight with every fucking person that says you were wrong asshole get a fucking life you little pussy

From my POV he sounds like a jerk anyway, don't sweat it!

she could've had sex with a guy he hates so he didn't wanna deal with her

im sure he didnt actually "shove" OP is just upset

I'm sure he was trying to get past and said excuse me and squeezed past her and kind of nudged her a little bit

I was angry when I posted that I'm dealing with stuff, sorry community

Don't worry op, there are plenty of nice guys out there waiting for you :)

Maybe she's one of those girls that likes the assholes and avoids the nice guys.

Well maybe he is a nice guy, OP was just being obsessive and/or annoying and he simply pushed her aside. I guess the world may never know.

Doesn't sound like a great guy...

Obstacle-zoned? I don't even know what to call that. Sucks, OP :/ I've been there, we all get shunned sometimes. Don't worry, you'll find better and nicer! :)


He doesn't deserve your attention or time.

oh my goodness op! forget about him and try to move on! he doesn't deserve your time!

That just showed you how immature he is

Doesn't sound like he would have been a good boyfriend or even just a friend. Forget that asshole.