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By  anna16_fml  |  0

well i had a friend from k-9th grade who told me that god didnt want us to be friends anymore and well honestly if shes hearing jesus in her head i dont think i want to be friends with her either

By  wowomfglol  |  0

This happened to me as well. Going through it now. I'm definitely not a Christian, and certainly think they're a pretty oblivious lot, but they can still be loving. It's not like she wasn't torn up about it, too.

I'm sorry you're going through this, and I hope something works out for both of us :)

By  Mannerheim  |  0

Haha, I want a girl to say that to me so I can say a slightly different version of #28.

Except I'll say something more along the lines of. "Well God came to me too, only he told me that your dad needs to have a black-guy gangbang. I know it's wierd, but we have to do what the crazy fucker says, right?"

My girlfriend is catholic, but catholics are just pretty much a social-club with ceremony. They don't REALLY believe in god, haha.

By  kayykatastrophii  |  0

I can almost promise you she just used it as an excuse because she doesn't like you. She should have been honest with you. That was wrong of her. Because honestly, she would have to sit and REALLY think before she could even begin to feel what God wants. And if you're not Christian, chances are God WOULD want her dating you, at the very least, to try and convert you (Not saying that's why she should date you).

Most of you people. Stop the Christian bashing. We are NOT bad/stupid people. How come you can be mean to us and treat us badly, but when we invite you to church, you freak out? Irony much?

  LivToFail  |  28

Probably because we do not like nor need the invitation, atheists have a reason for being atheist. And we do not persecute you, I dont see how you think that. Many athiests simply disagree with the contradictions of the bible, any logical one understands theres good and bad. But tbh, when you "invite" us to church, its like us inviting you to a lecture about the big bang or some other theory about disproving god.