By walkingdead_1029 - 06/05/2013 06:49 - United States - Peoria

Today, the girl that I've been madly in love with was demanding I tell her who I liked. I told her no, I should just keep it a secret, but she demanded I tell her. After I told her, the only response I got was, "You're right. You should have kept that a secret." FML
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Well, that was a bit insensitive of her. It's her loss.

Sounds like a classic case of the friend zone, it's not impossible to leave, but I think in this case, it's pretty clear she's just not into you, sorry OP.


Well, that was a bit insensitive of her. It's her loss.

Things like this make me hate people... The world would be a much nicer place without humans.

#1 I agree she sounds like a bitch

She definitely is a bitch. OP should have played The Outfield after she said it. "I just want to use your love, TONIGHT!" :D

Hmm. So one person's actions speak for all of humanity? That's some interesting logic you're using #35.

75, Sometimes one asshole or one glaring flaw in human nature makes you wish everybody would disappear and evolution would start over. It is kinda like ruined painting - you can see potential, but it'll be simpler to scrap it and start over.

#35 no it wouldn' would be a bunch of over growth and wilderness.

Have I stumbled into the Angry Rejected Men Society? Sh*t I don't belong here, no woman's ever turned down this package. Besides I'm late for the Perdix Asslickers Society meeting - GTG

87, overgrowth, ruins and wilderness can be very beautiful. Natural disasters are also beautiful in their own sense - forest fires, tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes, thunderstorms, etc. In a world without people *the only* problem is there's no one to witness all that.

You mean the way nature is supposed to be?

That's when you say well no one else seems interested in you so why not hookup with me?

Sounds like a classic case of the friend zone, it's not impossible to leave, but I think in this case, it's pretty clear she's just not into you, sorry OP.

I hate when people use the friendzone excuse. If a girl isn't interested, she's just not interested. A girl doesn't have to like you because you're nice or friendly with her. I hope this friendzone crap dies out so guys can stop using it to protect their egos.

That's why I said it's not impossible to leave, i personally think the friendzone is an excuse for people who don't have the courage to ask somebody out or do anything about it, so they blame it on the friendzone. But if somebody's just not interested, nothing you can do about it.

While I don't agree with the usage here, he clearly stated that she's not interested in OP, so I don't see how it's being used as an excuse. It seems like you went off on a mini rant for nothing.

Just got lost in my train on thought, sorry for the rant.

"...Instead, realize the truth .. there is no friendzone"

37 - Plenty of guys have asked girls out and heard the reply, "I only think of you as a friend." That's where the term comes from. It's not really an excuse unless the guy hasn't made it clear that he wants more than friendship and the girl says that. It's a legitimate thing.

100, people on the internet seem use friendzone in the sense "friendzone = despair, my life is over". Which is very, very stupid. There's no friendzone. What you have is a girl that didn't want to date you for some reason. There are thousands of possible reasons. You could try analyzing them, or you could get yourself together, use your brain and remember that more friends = more acquaintances, and more acquaintances = more potential dates.

Being a girl, and having "friendzoned" a couple guys before, my not wanting to date them was simply because I didn't think of them that way and didn't want to ruin a good friendship. There weren't any other reasons. I'll concede that sometimes a girl does have other reasons, but to deny the existence of the Friendzone is just silly. It's just a title given to the "let's be friends" adage.

Why was 100 getting thumbed down? She's right. The correct usage of friendzone is when a guy (or girl, I've seen it happen) is rejected on the basis of already having a friendship. If you're a girl and you don't believe in the friendzone, that's fine: just don't use that silly "I don't want to ruin the friendship" excuse. Be honest. Lying to people is selfish.

The "friendzone" idea is complete bullshit, because it assumes that ALL guys have a chance at being with ALL of their friends who are girls. Guys and girls can be just friends, the girl shouldn't have to justify why she doesn't have feelings for her guy friend. People can't help who they're attracted to or have feelings for, yet girls get bitched at and called names when they aren't attracted to their guy friend who happens to be in love with them. Every time. How about, if you have feelings for your good friend, and they don't share those feelings, you suck it the fuck up and move on? Stop blaming being "friendzoned" for your choosing to keep someone in your life that happens to not be attracted to you.

Well then the best way to make friends is to tell a girl you love her.

Have you ever felt something other than blind lust for someone? Because judging by your comment, it sounds like you haven't. I think the general point here is that if a girl doesn't feel the same way about a guy, she'll use the friend comment as a get out card so she won't have to justify anything because its much easier. If you think someone can't fall for someone simply because one side will get bitched at, and that you should just move on, you really need to rethink that. It's never that simple, feelings don't just disappear overnight. People keep the ones they like in their life because they can make them feel something no one else really can.

113. "she'll use the friend comment as a get out card so she won't have to justify anything because its much easier." In my opinion any decent guy would appreciate if instead of that "friend comment" girl bluntly said to him "I don't wanna date you" or "i'm not attracted to you". Friendship is a valuable thing, and you really shouldn't call "friend" all people you don't wanna date.

Sorry OP, she doesn't seem like she's worth your time anyways.

Yes, because if someone doesn't like you back then they are a worthless piece of crap. /sarcasm

Regardless of her liking him back or not, what's not a secret is that she's a total bitch.

46 - That's not what he meant. It was clear what he said. If someone doesn't like you, they're not worth your time i.e. don't spend your free time beating yourself up because you don't sever the ties with a person that you like but doesn't like you back. Not liking someone doesn't make them a piece of crap, it's the other person has every right to say "I'm wasting my time with him/her, I should move on" :b

Shake it off and see what there is to do about the situation. Usually if she wants to know who you like it's because she might like you.

Or she has a friend who likes OP, and she's trying to see if he likes her. Which would make sense with her reaction, because now she would be upset that she has to tell her friend that.

People need to stop being cryptic about this stuff. Either tell someone you like them or don't. Don't drag it out and pull everyone else into it.

43, I completely agree. If you like someone, just tell them so. Unless it's some random popular chick who you just like for beauty. Because then you shouldn't get in a relationship with someone just because of their looks.

Well that sucks OP :( but she doesn't sound worth it, in my opinion

Let's see if this works; I demand that you give me all your money and possessions!

#6 what exactly are you trying to accomplish here?

19, they are trying to see if OP as much of a pushover as this FML suggests.

My point was, how could he let her badger him into telling something he didn't want to talk about? It's a variant of the parental favorite "If all your friends jumped off the roof, would you do it too?"

@10, you've been facedesking quite a lot. Has humanity caught you in a twist?

I must say #6, although I did get a bit of a chuckle from this, inappropriate timing and a worthless comment leads to a downvote either way.

You probably don't want to be with someone so demanding anyways. You'd probably end up pussy-whipped minus the pussy.

Well its her fault, she's gonna be missing out on mad D bro...

Wow... Thats.....nice.

The term "bitch" comes to mind...

Well she could have been a lot nicer about it but she's not a complete bitch for not feeling the same way he feels about her. There has to be a reason OP likes her..