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By  d00d_c0m3_0n  |  0

I hope you're not hoping to get with her.
Cause I'm sure when she says, "The boyfriend type" she only means that you're not HER boyfriend type.
Not that you're not good material for someone else boyfriend.

By  awkwardmoments  |  0

i honestly dont think that she meant to offend you. i, a girl, say things like that all of the time around guys and don't mean any offense by it. even if i like you, i'd probably say it within your earshot and not think a thing of it unless we were going out. don't take it to heart, hon.

By  LordP123  |  0

Ouch. That sucks man..this one is actually believable lol. Added to my favorites because it's so cliche its funny.

@ #13 - I dont know if everyone HATES their lives..but this happens a lot. They might just be sick of it.

@ #17 - Really boring...and took the half minute or so to post that comment assuming anyone cares?