By Anonymous - 31/05/2009 06:46 - United States

Today, the girl I like came over to my house to watch a movie. We had seen pretty much every movie that I suggested, so we ended up watching The Lion King. I forgot how sad that movie is, because once Mufasa died I started bawling my eyes out. FML
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dont worry, Shell Want you even more now.

She probably thought it was cute. Also, don't ever watch Bambi.


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Way to show off!

I personally like sensitive guys and would like u more for crying at an extremely sad part such as that

Ahh **SPOILER ALERT!**!! Thanks a lot op!

Oh cmon you're a guy... And it wasn't Bambi xD Sux to be you anw

Macromartyr 3

Bambi was so sad, but so was lion king! What the hell drives Disney to be so upsetting...

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this is a re post

dont worry, Shell Want you even more now.

Shells love a sensitive man

hey dude forget it chicks dig a sensitive guy next time pick a comedy

How is this a FML? That's a sad part. Awesome movie too, if it was your choice she'll probably be impressed.

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Thats a turn-on to girls!

YDI for being such a wimp. & btw @ #7 crying guys is NOT a turn on.

no, crying is not a turn on. but girls do like a sensitive guy.

Well, little miss bitch, some girls LIKE a sensitive guy. I suppose you're one who enjoys a 'tough guy' who over-the-top-violently reacts to the littlest situation?

If my guy doesn't have the more sentimental emotions, I ain't interested. The angry type isn't very attractive.

If you watch the Lion King and not get atleast a little stuffy your not human

I can tell you've never seen the Lion King. I personally never cried during it, but it did depress me for awhile and I wouldn't blame anybody for crying during that part especially, it's supposed to be sad, and anybody who didn't cry or even feel any type of emotion during it is not a human being I would want to associate with.

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# 8 , i was being sarcastic...learn it...

How could you cry at a Disney movie? Are you 12? Man up.