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  markrs  |  0

She's a bad girl. A very very bad girl. OP, she was actually teasing you, wanting you to ravish her at that very moment. What? No! She wouldn't have called the cops! She would've probably misdialed anyways!

  MaceFaceLOL  |  8

Torching seems a little extreme. She kinda deserves it though, this is honestly the bitchiest move I have ever seen. Even if it was an accidental text she could have been a little more polite instead of saying "what do you want, Did I text you?" I mean this in the nicest way:)

By  Clamcreepy  |  7

I'm guessing a sibling of her's played a prank on you to see if you would fall for it and it looks like it was a success. FYL

People can be really mean sometimes, it's a shame.

By  AK10bears  |  0

You my friend are much MUCH better off finding out the type of person she really is before investing your time and heart!
You are to fine a man for the likes of her

By  Pelreskovich  |  11

Well.. That's a stage 5 bitch as opposed to the FML following this being a stage 5 clinger. You win some you lose some, I recently got dumped, the sooner you realize that they are just as shitty as they call us guys, the better!