By doomed - New Zealand
Today, the girl I am in love with invited me to stay with her in Europe for 2 weeks, she is even paying for the flights and accommodation. It's because I am such a special friend to her and she wants me to come up to meet her fiancé before she gets married. FML
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  HairyPunisher  |  27

OP is a girl and her friend getting married is a girl. It appears OP's friend isn't gay since she's marrying a man. That sucks though. OP, there's plenty of lesbians out there. You'll find someone.


That sucks for the OP. But has no one else noticed that the OP is a woman? So why doyou call keep refering to her as a man? It might be hard for them to then go and tell this girl, because she (unless the fiance is also a girl) might not be comfortable with the OP's gender orientation...

By  ashmash  |  0

Maybe you should act like you’re in a romantic comedy, and convince her by the end of the two weeks that she really should be with you!

Or more realistically, feel awkward and depressed while trying to pretend you’re enjoying your free trip. :- (