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By  Seymore Collins  |  7

Gas has a very distinct odor. The odor is added as it's generally odorless. Fats contain several different kinds of bacteria giving the "methane" you're expelling a smelly/yuck/I smell. Your fellow co-workers must be on the lower-end of the IQ scale there buddy. I think you have more problems than worrying about gas leaks

  RichardPencil  |  30

Actually, the chemicals the gas company puts into the methane/ethane mixture (which is odorless) are mercaptans which are also present in the shit.

It is possible that farts smell similar to the “stinkum” the gas company uses.

By  mt21mt  |  15

I would believe that someone smelled you fart, and then made a joke, like, "ha-ha, we should call the gas company to check for a leak!" and that was the end of that.
I don't believe this actually happened.
I have a frienconstantlylexaggeratingng about things that happened to him, until ihis headadherehe believes it, and the next thing he is doing is telling people a ludicrous story that he created. You sound like that.