By fluent in two, unlike you - 25/03/2014 18:42 - Mexico

Today, the feedback my teacher wrote on my English assignment was so horrible that it took me half an hour and help from both my parents to decipher it. It turned out to be a scathing criticism of my "poor communication skills". I hate my teachers. FML
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Write feedback for her feedback.

Oh the irony


Write feedback for her feedback.

Or maybe he should have her write a ten page essay on her penmanship.

Oh the irony

I had an English teacher like that before. It was the worst!

it's bad. I had a teacher who wanted me to change my essays n ways I didn't think was necessary. I'm not the best writer but I know it's decent. I just stopped listening to her (:

I had an English teacher who all she wrote was "vague" on all of my papers. Umm...kind of like YOUR comments?

My third grade teacher told me to 'fix my handwriting' on a paragraph she had us write- I had to ask her what she wrote the next day, since none of the three other people in my family could read it >.

Sounds like YOU should be teaching your teacher. Like the username though.

Agreed about username. Best I've seen in a long time. Kudos.

Is your teacher a part time doctor

OP's teacher must be. You'd think people would have decent writing when in professions where someone's education - or in a doctor's case, someone's life - may depend on you communicating yourself effectively. It's very strange. That certainly sucks, OP. You should probably review your work anyway just to ensure that there's no merit to your teacher's comment, though. Ironic as it may be, it's better you know if there's an issue you need to address academically. Now if only your teacher can address their issue with penmanship.

God dammit I hate those type of teachers. I feel your pain.

the irony is gold

I'm sure many would agree with your last comment.

Just do her job for her and write a nice little note back to her.

Try typing your assignment that will improve it if it was your handwriting

I had a classmate who's handwriting was so bad the teachers would make them type their assignments.

False...I wasn't forced to type and I was nicknamed the doctor for an obvious reasons