By Anonymous - 21/10/2013 13:06 - United States - San Francisco

Today, the family upstairs decided to play basketball. Indoors. At 3am. FML
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Which team were you rooting for?

\ 28

Team Quiet-The-Fuck-Down-And-Go-To-Sleep


Which team were you rooting for?

\ 28

Team Quiet-The-Fuck-Down-And-Go-To-Sleep

the crack heads vs night owls?

I always root for skins

#27- I feel for the cheerleaders; gimme a Q... Gimme a u...

Nah man, it's all about the Tune Squad

#27 do you have no life but fml? ur always the first to comment!

The Stompers versus the Jumpers

Okay guys, I get it. None of you liked Space Jam but that movie was the shit >:o

why not join in?

Maybe because it's 3 am.

I would join in by throwing a stink bomb or three up in their window. At 3 am.

Patrick star eats krabby patties at 3am so why not

Because Patrick Star creates fire under water. He defies normality.

If it were me, I would invest in a chainsaw for the noise revenge.

Sounds like it's time to hit the ceiling with a broom at all hours of the night! Paybacks are a bitch!

I'm pretty sure if they are dribbling a basketball around inside, a broomstick hitting their floor will not bother them.

It's not all about that night.

Knock three times on the ceiling if you want me! Twice on the pipe, if the answer is noooo

66- *knocks twice on pipe*

Get Kevin Ware on their asses

#4, or Kermit Washington, for you old folks.

Or Ron Artest.

#92, I guess Metta means "the opposite of?"

File a complaint. Or go up there and give give them a talking to.

Por que no los dos?

I wouldn't go up. They're probably out of their face on something, and you don't know how they'll react. Call the police. It's way after quiet time and they need to shut up.

That's ridiculous! You shouldn't have to jump through hoops to lay up and get a little sleep. I can see maybe a neughbour making noise getting a rim job at 3AM, but this just sucks balls. They should definitely be sneaker about it. Giving them a piece of your mind is a slam dunk.

You went out of bounds at rimjob.

Those beautiful puns have made my day.

woah! double wammie!

And boom goes the dynamite.

What assholes.

Blare hate music at full blast.

Not quite. That's music you hate, not hate music, there's a subtle difference :)

That would be worse than the basketball...

I would run up there and threaten them with a dull knife if they don't stop. But i'm a bit of a psychopath so...

Yes... Just a bit.

Scariest picture to go along with that comment...

Hopefully, it's shirts vs skins and the dudes are wearing the shirts.

What skins would the other team be wearing? Tiger, bear, or yeti?

#19, Bare, and I ain't talkin' grizzly or polar. ;)

Oh there would be something polar going on.

So koala bear, right?

#19, I'm going with Wookie.