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Time to call the cops, and your insurance. All paid for, and the lady is punished. Not so bad now, is it?

Lol, fail. Sue him though.


Lol, fail. Sue him though.

ydi for being a new yorker :)

no really. new yorkers suck.

And your a faggot.

And you didn't kick his ass/take his ass to court? @28: what about his a faggot?

LOL HAHA WTF #1 tf2 spy cat! pwnage

Yes you could sue.. and pay fees out the ass.

Time to call the cops, and your insurance. All paid for, and the lady is punished. Not so bad now, is it?

My old roommates ex-boyfriend did this to her car. He slashed her tires but there was no 'proof' it was him so even though we called the cops he was never charged with it. Oh and as for the bonus douchbagyness, instead of slashing my tires also, he poured a whole bag of suger in my gastank. Again no proof. I would have been glad to have my tires slashed, instead I had a cracked engine on a 1 year old car. $2000 to repair.

Yeah, if there is really no proof other than motive then you can't do anything "legally". Find from the girlfriend where he lives though and get some eye-for-an-eye action going.

YDI. Seriously. You left the filler cap of your car unlocked/open? No pity, thats just stupid.

Most gas caps don't have locks on them, you dumbass.

most cars don't have locks on their gas caps or gas doors

....which is why I have surveillance cameras on my property.. :)

"The lady is punished" well the ex boyfriend did it so why should she be punished

Why the hell did he do that? Idiots these days...

anger management much...!? xD

Wow, definite FML!

that is also a FHL. i mean she's getting the worst of it, am i right? lol @ the disgruntled ex-boyfriend.

You needed new tires anyways. You've been driving them with too little pressure and haven't rotated them enough. Thank the ex-boyfriend for saving your life!

Can't he be arrested for damaging your property anyways? I fail to see how your life is fucked since this is a situation that can be easily fixed with a few phone calls.

It's an FML because his life was inconvenienced for no reason. It's not the end of the world, but it's irritating just the same.

They can't do anything if he has no proof it was the woman's ex-boyfriend. But all that aside, I think we can easily see why she broke up with him.

hahahahaha, that is some great logic