By Anonymous - 05/06/2013 22:09 - United Kingdom - Worcester Park

Today, the crazy son of a bitch who lives next door to me once again got into a loud, rather one-sided argument with his cat. 20 minutes later, he knocked on my door, asking if he could stay at my place for a couple of days. The look he gave me when I said no has me fearing for my life. FML
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Guess he got kicked out by his cat.

Good call, nobody likes being the rebound relationship.


Guess he got kicked out by his cat.

What a pussy...

I guess he's sleeping in the doghouse tonight... oh, wait.

I think we know who'll be spending the night on the couch....

OP should not be afraid of him, OP should be afraid of the cat

The cat must have been great at arguing to kick the one who pays the bills out of his own house. I don't even know humans that can do that!

#47 it's more often than not called a divorce except there is no legal paperwork to fall back to when kicked out by a cat.

OP could think he's yelling at his cat when in all reality he could be in a fight with his wife whose name happens to be Snowball.

Who's probably mute, since it was a "rather one-sided argument".

He could be in a fight because he wants his mute wife to snowball him!

Cat got your tongue?

because he's a pussy. no cat running me.

You should have recommended therapy...

Yep, a guy that starts, and apparently LOSES, an argument with a cat would be really receptive to your suggestion of therapy. He DEFINITELY wouldn't try to stab you AT ALL.

He might be open to couple's therapy. Clearly he and his, um, partner are having some difficulties

Do you have a better idea? Lol

Good call, nobody likes being the rebound relationship.

Sounds like OP's neighbor is pussy whipped

This is what will happen when cats ultimately take over the world. IT'S BEGUN...

Only the Dogs can stop them. They really should make a movie about that.

Cats & Dogs, Cats & Dogs 2. Already done! Woohoo!

the tagline should be: "pets should not be afraid of theirs owners, it's owners who should be afraid of their pets..." it should be read out by Morgan Freeman or Michael canine to give it credibility, it's as good as we're gonna get with some of the movies Hollywood has been shelling out lately.

Why are you typing with a lisp?

Odd... I thought it was a horrible attempt at trying to imitate Sean Connery...

(Shhhhh...! It's not polite to ask!)

why doesn't he kick the cat out?

Tell him to stop being such a pussy.

Sounds like he's PUSSY whipped.

Pussy whipped to the hundredth...

"Sounds like he's PUSSY whipped" :puts on sunglasses, CSI Miami style: YEEEEAAAAHHHHH!! FTFY

Oh that's why nobody liked my reply to #3 ._.

Get rid of the cat and your problem is solved (: how you do it is up to you

OP should run over the cat, twice, while the owner's kids watched.

I killed a cat once because i thought it ate my weed

It's people like you, 21 that make other people hate weed smokers.

Not OPs cat. The cat belongs to the crazy guy next door.

Didnt say they had to kill it lol or he can always call the cops about domestic disturbances next door

Lock. Your. Doors.

Punctuation. For. Effect.

He got kicked out by the pussy of the house, but not in the way you might think.