By Anonymous - / Wednesday 5 June 2013 22:09 / United Kingdom - Worcester Park
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  joawmeens  |  7

Yep, a guy that starts, and apparently LOSES, an argument with a cat would be really receptive to your suggestion of therapy. He DEFINITELY wouldn't try to stab you AT ALL.

  ocramavaf  |  15

the tagline should be: "pets should not be afraid of theirs owners, it's owners who should be afraid of their pets..." it should be read out by Morgan Freeman or Michael canine to give it credibility, it's as good as we're gonna get with some of the movies Hollywood has been shelling out lately.


Today, I was out drinking with some friends in a Safeway parking lot, when I saw a familiar-looking vehicle pull up beside us. It was my dad, who angrily got out and demanded that I come home. I'm twenty-four, and now the laughing stock of my social circle. FML

By luvonsarah / Tuesday 14 August 2012 17:27 / United States - Beaverton
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